i’m jealous of xochi solis

Yum. These are the layered, colorful, beautifully composed mixed media paintings of Austin based artist Xochi Solis.

Ok, I have been sitting here for about twenty minutes trying to figure out a way to say that they remind me the most beautiful, artsy, inner-workings… of sandwiches. How do I say that without totally offending Xochi! It’s meant as a compliment… I love sandwiches. And I love this work, especially when you see it in place, applied directly to a wall!!!

Yep, gorgeously delicious!

{via curate1k’s pinterest board}

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  1. Pamela /// 12.10.2012 /// 8:19am


  2. Mary /// 12.10.2012 /// 8:22am

    Haha sandwiches are what I thought of also! Especially the first one (I see lettuce, cheese, ham and tomato) . These are beautiful though.

  3. Erna /// 12.10.2012 /// 8:58am

    First thing that came to my mind were ‘hamburgers deluxe’ and I love them. Jealous together with you.

  4. Regina /// 12.10.2012 /// 9:31am

    I am so happy about this! She’s going to have an exhibition at Lawndale Art Center, where I work, in Houston opening January 25. This is the first time you’ve been jealous of a Lawndale artist (that I know of), which is so exciting for me as I’ve loved this blog for quite some time. Yay! I’m telling everybody!

  5. the jealous curator /// 12.10.2012 /// 12:21pm

    YAY! : )

  6. gretchen /// 12.11.2012 /// 11:57pm

    Love the color world and simplicity and yes, I’m sorry also that these paintings reminds me about bread…food…even though I don’t knoe are there so eatible colors.

  7. Melanie /// 12.12.2012 /// 3:34pm

    These are great, but I also thought of sandwiches! We’re all hungry. 🙂

  8. LilyBlake /// 12.16.2012 /// 8:41am

    Is it wrong that they remind me not of sandwiches, but oysters??

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