i’m jealous of britt bass & morgan blake

Gor. Ge. Ous.

When I first saw this collaborative work, by Britt Bass and Morgan Blake, I thought “Oh, ok, so Britt painted over top of Morgan‘s photos. Nice.” … but wait, that’s not quite right. Morgan’s photos are actually printed on transparencies, and then laid over Britt’s painted canvas. I realize the effect is similar, but I kind of love this “reverse” way of doing it. There’s a lot less control, because what’s underneath is already underneath. An exciting surprise to see what shows through!

{ps. All of these prints under $45… framed! Yep, you better go get one right this very minute!}

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  1. Zia Daugherty /// 01.24.2013 /// 8:29pm

    What a cool idea! It’s nice to see people take an unexpected approach to art.

  2. Blake Thibodeau /// 03.13.2013 /// 12:20pm

    so fun! we just posted a interview with morgan on our blog today! love their work!

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  4. Tom the geez /// 03.10.2016 /// 4:33am

    LOVE. IT.

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