i’m jealous of kelly puissegur

HA! I love art that makes me laugh. These make me laugh. This is the work of Kelly Puissegur {aka retro whale}. I mentioned Kelly quickly in my last post, as she was one of the finalists in last year’s UncommonGoods art contest. Anyway, as soon as I started poking around her portfolio, I just kept finding gem after gem after gem! Girl fights, and animals doing ‘the robot’… oh yeah! And, because I am in fact a child of the 80’s, I had no choice but to show these:

Hahahahaha! Sigh… love.

{ps. On a totally unrelated note, I finally posted a bunch of photos from ‘beautifully boring’ on Facebook, in case you’re interested.}

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  1. allie kelley /// 03.11.2013 /// 12:54pm

    I have been jealous of her since I first found this:


    I think she is brilliant.

  2. Hagar /// 03.11.2013 /// 12:55pm

    Not just that she is very talented, she’s also got a GREAT sense of humor! check her “”about”” section…:-)

  3. Araya @ Wind and Willow Home /// 03.11.2013 /// 1:26pm

    Love these. So Fun!

  4. Katie /// 03.11.2013 /// 3:28pm

    What a funny bunch of characters!

  5. Zia Daugherty /// 03.11.2013 /// 4:22pm

    Haha! These are great. 😀 Very nice!

  6. Melanie /// 03.12.2013 /// 8:27am

    HA! These are all fantastic. I love Pee-Wee playing Wheel of Fortune.

  7. the jealous curator /// 03.12.2013 /// 9:23am

    me too! and the guy from goonies!!! : )

  8. Karen /// 03.15.2013 /// 3:59pm

    I own 4 of her pieces…love love LOVE it!!!

  9. Claudi /// 04.05.2013 /// 1:28am

    G R E A T!

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