i’m jealous of nan brown

You can’t help but wonder who might live in these trailers – some with so much care put into them, and others, well not so much. All of these {and there are plenty more} are part of a series called Trailers Collected, by American photographer Nan Brown. They are iconic, and flat, but at the same time, have so much detail and personality… kinda makes me want to live in a trailer with a tiny garden, and a wolf flag in the window.

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  1. RECENT NEWS: KITCHEN LITHO & MORIA HIGH SCHOOL – Spark Box Studio /// 03.12.2013 /// 8:49am

    […] time for me to hunt down my trailer pictures from the trip across the US. This thought inspired by these works by Nan […]

  2. Artsy Forager /// 03.12.2013 /// 8:50pm

    These definitely show how an artist’s eye can see the beauty in what many would see as unworthy of attention. Love them!

  3. artstralian /// 03.13.2013 /// 5:38am

    I love your website…I have just found it and OMG does it make me want to RUN to my studio….and start making

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.13.2013 /// 8:31am

    YAY! that’s music to my ears helene!

  5. Ashley /// 03.15.2013 /// 8:06pm

    This is great! Thank you so much for sharing these.

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