i’m jealous of clare elsaesser

Flower covered portraits… YES! This is the lovely work of American artist Clare Elsaesser. You might recognize her work, because her Etsy shop, tastes orangey, is very popular! Well no wonder, with flowered covered portraits like this, you just can’t go wrong. However… I also crazy love this portrait, and there’s not a flower  in sight:

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  1. Lauren Ashley /// 04.26.2013 /// 6:39am

    I recently discovered this artist too. I love love love these portraits, so much movement…

  2. Kreetta /// 04.26.2013 /// 7:23am

    I love the feeling of free line in the last potrait.

  3. kari /// 04.29.2013 /// 7:13am

    i love these!!!

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.29.2013 /// 7:36am

    me tooooooo!

  5. Pinterest Pins 5.3.13 | Carrie Garrott...Chasing Poetry /// 05.03.2013 /// 8:37am

    […] Clare Elsaesser […]

  6. Susan Hill /// 05.16.2016 /// 1:20pm

    I really love your work. I really do wish I had thought of it.

  7. sheenwan70 /// 09.14.2021 /// 5:33am

    LOVE THIS! I think I might have that “just right” branch to make one of my own. What a fabulous idea…and it really does look so high end!

  8. johansmith9870 /// 09.17.2021 /// 3:59am

    Thanks for sharing such information I have read your content and feel so much useful.

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