i’m jealous of kai samuels davis

So, on Friday morning I wrote about American painter Clare Elsaesser. Well, I cannot even imagine how amazingly creative their home must be, as this is the work of her husband, Kai Samuels Davis. Sigh… so much talent under one roof.

I am a sucker for portraits of women, add to that Kai’s color choices and his simple/confident brush strokes, and I’m completely done for. Love.

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  1. Giova Brusa /// 04.29.2013 /// 10:07am

    You are right so much talent and beauty under one roof. If only we could take a look inside!

  2. emily henderson /// 04.29.2013 /// 5:02pm

    I’ve never wanted a portrait of me painted til now. So pretty.

  3. sue /// 04.29.2013 /// 5:03pm

    I know, I know!!
    Amazingly beautiful…

  4. Kreetta /// 05.01.2013 /// 10:05pm

    You can see how she has used the brush. Lovely!

  5. ben /// 02.07.2014 /// 4:08pm

    Haven’t you seen the work of Michaël Borremans? C’mon people! This artist has your same mantra…

  6. Amy Trottiet /// 11.22.2014 /// 9:08am

    I love your work! So original, beautiful work and craftsmanship.

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