i’m jealous of rona green

What is the deal with me and tattooed pets? I wrote about some a few weeks ago, and now here I am again! I think it was that smoking sailor seagull that got me… it was physically impossible for me NOT to show him to you! These are watercolor linocuts, from a series called “hoons” by Australian artist Rona Green. I love them all so much… but don’t worry, I won’t give my dog a “mother” tattoo. Unless, of course, she wants to get it as a permanent reminder of our special bond. Her call.

{Thanks to Jess for sending me a link to Rona’s work}

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  1. jess /// 05.12.2013 /// 5:15pm

    Awesome post!=)
    I own the third print, ‘Dutch’ he’s so cool! =)

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