i’m jealous of masako miki’s new show

Sigh… the work of California based artist Masako Miki. I love her work, and wrote about her back in 2011, so when it came time for me to start looking for artists to show at The Fig House in LA this coming summer, I hopped right over to her site… and found all of this new work! I love it all, but those red ink drawings on paper are kinda killing me. Oh, and yes, I’m thrilled to announce that Masako is in fact one of the confirmed artists for Fig House – YAY!!!

{She has a show called “Helplessness in Hopefulness”, that is currently at K. Imperial Fine Art Gallery in San Francisco. The show is still up until this Saturday, June 1… so get over there if you can!}

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  1. Kelsey Lynore /// 05.29.2013 /// 10:28pm

    These are stunning!

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.30.2013 /// 7:02am

    aren’t they!?

  3. Kathryn /// 10.20.2013 /// 4:48pm

    Do you mean jealous, or are you envious? They have quite different meanings…

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.20.2013 /// 8:41pm

    when i started this blog for myself 5 years ago, yes, i absolutely meant “jealous”. i was. in a very toxic/destructive way. now i’m not jealous, or even envious for that matter… just inspired… but my logo says “jealous curator” and it’s too late to change it, plus it’s kinda catchy! : ) but seriously, it really was how i felt when i started and so i’ve left it that way so that i never forget where i came from. hopefully other people that feel jealous now will find their was to envious, and then inspired. : )