i’m jealous of james angel

First of all, his name is James Angel. Jealous. And then there’s his retro, but not, paintings on shaped panels. Yep, jealous again… and don’t even get me going on that giant rainbow-ish gem. Don’t.

ps. This is some of his older work {circa 2008} but I love it and just had to show a few of them:

Pixelated cowboy… love.

comments (7)

  1. Mary Gaspar /// 06.01.2013 /// 6:08am

    Definitely jealous. I would hang any of his pieces in my home. LOVE.

  2. Kirstin /// 06.01.2013 /// 7:26pm

    Wow. Great work!

  3. lyoninthesun /// 06.02.2013 /// 2:01pm

    fantastic work . . .

  4. Diana /// 08.10.2013 /// 1:15pm

    i’m just a little bit confused by this piece by gemma smith and the painting of james angel, maybe it’s just the internet but they are exactly the same http://design-milk.com/gemma-smith/

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.10.2013 /// 6:02pm

    wow. that is crazy! his is a flat painting on panel and hers is a 3D sculpture… but maybe his is a painting of her sculpture? or maybe it’s an insane coincidence? james… if you see this let us know : )

  6. JamesAngel /// 08.28.2013 /// 2:12pm

    HI and Thanks for your interest in my journey. This piece is a nod to the work of Gemma Smith. Her sculpture moreover her paintings. They are incredible, as you walk around them you engage in a captivating 3-dimensional interplay of light and color. The hard lines constantly shifting the geometry. I felt that specifically when viewed from this very angle the interior volume was best demonstrated. She is an inspiration and if you know how inspiration works, you know it was not created to in any way impinge on her dominion. I include this one off 2-dimensional wall hanging as a pivotal study of approach which since navigated has led me to an entirely different field of view. Love to Gemma, and thank you J. Curator.

    -Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.
    Mason Cooley

  7. the jealous curator /// 08.28.2013 /// 7:16pm

    well said james – has gemma seen it? she might be quite flattered : )

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