i’m jealous of rebecca chaperon

Ooooh! Mysterious icebergs by Canadian artist Rebecca Chaperon – oh so gorgeous! This is Rebecca’s latest body of work, titled Antarticus, which is still “in progress” – you know what that means, right? MORE large-scale icebergs are on their way! But, don’t worry – while you’re waiting, she’s got lots and lots of other mysterious things in her portfolio too:

Kinda spooky, yes? Hm… I wonder how much black paint she goes through in a month? ♥

{oh! I just heard from Rebecca on the subject of her black paint supply! Ready?  …. ” ps. Nerdy painting fact: Actually most of that paint was green and reddish transparent layers which combine to make the darkness. So my black paint supply stays pretty moderate but man-oh-man am I ever obsessed with creating murky greens!”}

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  1. Lindsay /// 07.11.2013 /// 8:45am

    Wow, the color pallet is rad. She reminds me of Dorothea Tanning, I love these!

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.11.2013 /// 9:12am

    yes – i can totally see that : )

  3. Tara /// 07.11.2013 /// 10:00am

    Her work totally reminds me of one of my favorite painters, Pavel Pepperstein, check out this example: http://artinvestment.ru/content/download/news/20091117_pavel_pepperstein.jpg

  4. Hannah Stephenson /// 07.11.2013 /// 12:22pm

    I love her work! I wrote a poem inspired by her iceberg pieces recently: http://thechaperon.ca/blog/posts/1823/the+storialist+featured+my+art

  5. paper friday /// 07.11.2013 /// 10:29pm

    Her work is breathtaking. It has such a gravitas to it. I love the one with the floating blue shapes. So stunning.

  6. Melissa /// 07.18.2013 /// 4:15pm

    These ghostly landscapes. Beautiful and chilling. A dream that stays with you well past waking.