i’m jealous of kelly kristin jones

“Vogue (US), July 2013”

“Ebony Magazine, July 2013”

“Cosmopolitan, July 2013”

“InStyle, July 2013”


Confetti? Nope. Skin. Well, photos of skin. These beautiful collages are the work of American artist Kelly Kristin Jones, and the circles are small clippings that she has taken from women’s fashion magazines. Here’s how and why, in Kelly’s words:

Standing in line at the grocery, I grab at fashion magazines lining the aisle and will myself not to become impatient with the slow-moving line. Not long ago, for the first time, I actually saw the women featured in these magazines; their manufactured and manipulated coloring stood out in a way that I had never noticed before. I added a pile to my basket and hurried home to deconstruct the pages of these “women’s interest” magazines.

Sampling from the advertisements and content of popular women’s interest magazines, I build collages of the coloring – the skin – of female bodies. Cuttings are taken of the “true” shade offered in the photograph with the extreme shadows and highlights avoided. The size of the circular clipped skin corresponds to the size of the body (or body part) pictured.

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  1. jaime /// 07.12.2013 /// 5:49am

    these are amazing! thanks for sharing.

  2. the jealous curator /// 07.12.2013 /// 7:20am

    thank YOU for commenting! : ) and yes, i totally agree… amazing!

  3. Joyce Lindemulder /// 08.03.2013 /// 2:13pm

    Interesting similarities. It is slightly synchronistic with a project I have been working on since 2011. You can read about it if you like within my thesis paper “Whiteness is as whiteness does: An examination of ideological whiteness in art,” which is posted at the Emily Carr University library. Some new ones (not posted yet on my blog or web site) will be in an exhibition next May.

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