in memory of ruth asawa

I honestly don’t know what I love more… the beautifully complex wire sculptures of Asian American artist Ruth Asawa, or the photographs of Ruth with her beautifully complex wire sculptures. Sigh… it’s all just so stunning. Sadly, Ruth passed away, at the age of 87 in her San Francisco home on Monday night. I found this lovely statement about her, from the curator of American art at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco {Timothy Burgard}:

“Ruth Asawa will be remembered for the extraordinary wire sculptures that so beautifully interweave nature and culture… [she was] a pioneering post-World War II modernist whose works have transcended the multiple barriers she faced as an Asian American woman artist working with traditional ‘craft’ materials and techniques. She lived to see all of these confining categories challenged and redefined.”

Rest in peace, Ruth ♥

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  1. Roberta Griffith /// 08.08.2013 /// 12:47pm

    Thank you.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.08.2013 /// 11:22pm

    : )

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