i’m still jealous of matthew craven

Ooooooh… rainbows, ancient artifacts, and dizzying/aztec-ish pencil markings. Yep, this isĀ new work by American artist Matthew Craven! Love. All of these mixed media pieces {drawing & collage} are from Matthew’s latest solo show, that opened on Saturday, at DCKT Contemporary in New York. Don’t worry, it runs until October 20th so you can still get down there. I saw his work in person at Gallery Hijinks in San Francisco last year… and yes, it’s even more fantastic up close!

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  1. Ana /// 09.09.2013 /// 8:46am

    It’s like half the books I loved reading as a child came together in one collage! šŸ˜€

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.09.2013 /// 9:37am

    ha! wonderful, aren’t they?!

  3. Matthew Cravenā€™s Archaeological Collages | Joindahunt. /// 09.23.2013 /// 7:39am

    […] “Archaeological remains and ruins act as backdrops for forming crypto-historical collages and drawings. Images from lost cultures, relics and landscapes both well-known and extremely ambiguous create the patterns within the works. The results are compositions that highlight a new connection to our past in an aesthetic that is intended to be both cinematic in scope and visionary in perspective. Ā Understanding that our view of history is deeply flawed and inherently biased, we are left with a puzzle of strange pieces. Oblivious Path combines these puzzle pieces into a new framework. Some of these pieces appear to fit together despite thousands of years and tens of thousands miles separating these ancient civilizations. Using source materials from historical texts, Oblivious Path scrambles our current notions of space and time. The powerful images we are left with cannot be reinterpreted, translated or disregarded. What is left was carved in stone. It is permanent. They are our sacred truths.” Ā ( via the jealous curator) […]