i’m jealous of adeline meilliez

Ooh! Lacy, sassy, pretty underthings that have been inked and screenprinted by Berlin-based, French artist Adeline Meilliez:

“The series of dresses is born a winter morning at dawn.
I work hard, and I compel to go to the studio every day.
Looking for …. That morning, no photographic negatives. I then took my dress, and I put it on the screen frame. I had at that time in memory, the poem “Alicante” by Jacques Prévert. It was magical, in the rinse water, lace appeared. Technically, this is akin to an old process, the photogram. I used many months to complete and master this approach, this technique. I make my own chemical solutions, inks, too. “

Love, love, love.

{ps. Prints and originals are available on Saatchi Online}

comments (5)

  1. Kelsey Lynore /// 09.12.2013 /// 3:01pm

    This is brilliant. Lacy underthings lend themselves so well to printmaking that it seems almost a no-brainer — and that’s when you know something is really good — it’s when it seems obvious only in hindsight.

  2. Kelsey Lynore /// 09.12.2013 /// 3:03pm

    PS — They’re also a bit Rorschach-y.

  3. the jealous curator /// 09.12.2013 /// 3:28pm

    yes! gives you that whole ‘damn i wish i thought of that’ feeling a bit, doesn’t it ; )

  4. missy /// 09.14.2013 /// 10:34am

    ugh, this artist makes my heart flutter

  5. the jealous curator /// 09.15.2013 /// 10:19am

    yup : )

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