i’m jealous of heraa khan

Flowers in full bloom, and beautiful, happy, lipstick-wearing ladies… ♥! This work was sent to me by Heraa Khan, an artist from Pakistan. She describes herself as a “miniature painter”, not because she’s miniature {I’m pretty sure}, but because most of her work is as small as 2.5″x4″ – these are gigantic compared to that, coming in at around 9″x13″… and, she makes everything herself.  I mean, everything: the paper, the paintbrushes, and the paint {which she keeps in sea shells!}. Listen to this:

“I have been trained as a Mughal and Persian miniature painter. My work involves transforming the old technique driven art form into a more personal and contemporary form of art. My work process includes making my own paints, my own paper (wasli) and making my own paint brushes from squirrel hair. I make lots of colors and store my paint in little sea shells.”

Amazing! No wonder those ladies can’t stop smiling… their lipstick has been applied with squirrel-hair! Tickley!

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  1. Carrie /// 09.16.2013 /// 5:13am