i’m jealous of kiana mosley

Juicy gardens on thick white paper. Gah! These are not your grandmother’s floral watercolors! Nope, this fresh n’ modern take on the subject is the work of American artist Kiana Mosley. The vibrant colors flowing into eachother, the big juicy blooms, the use of white space in these contemporary compositions: Love, love, love!

ps. I also love that she has a few of these for sale as $28 prints in her Etsy shop

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  1. Mary Gaspar /// 09.17.2013 /// 8:03am

    Really Beautiful and oh so fresh!

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 09.17.2013 /// 9:35am

    aren’t they?! that last one kinda makes me want a big glass of juice!

  3. Kreetta /// 09.17.2013 /// 10:39am

    So wonderful line. Expeciallythose first ones.

  4. Barbara /// 09.17.2013 /// 11:12am

    Like a breath of fresh air into the world of watercolors.


  5. Kiana Mosley /// 09.17.2013 /// 2:06pm

    I want to thank you for this incredible post Danielle… I am completely honored! And thank you to all for your beautiful words and feedback… (I’m blushing!)

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.17.2013 /// 3:58pm

    well, you deserve it all… now get back to your watercolors and keep painting!!! 😉

  7. Brett @ IAMTHELAB /// 09.17.2013 /// 7:27pm

    These are intoxicating!

  8. Reusch Interior Design /// 09.18.2013 /// 6:02am



  9. “late one night…” | Beholdamerica the blog /// 01.31.2016 /// 3:53am

    […] or you can subscribe on iTunes. Now, the first time I wrote about Kiana’s work, in the fall of 2013, I described her paintings as “juicy gardens”, and I’m sticking with that […]

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