i’m still jealous of olivia jeffries

I have loved the work of UK based artist Olivia Jeffries since the first time I saw it. I wrote about her twice {here and here} in 2009, and can’t believe I’ve let four years go by without writing about her again! Phew. Ok, well here it is. Her lovely, lovely drawings… and delicate little burnt holes… all composed beautifully on found paper. And those tiny pink dots on that last piece. Oh boy ♥

{She has quite a range of drawings in her Etsy shop, called “Restless Things”, starting at $18, through to $460 for that larger pink dotty piece that I love so much}

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  1. Jen /// 10.04.2013 /// 6:53am

    so focussed and ethereal!

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 10.04.2013 /// 7:41am

    yes, and yes!

  3. olivia /// 10.05.2013 /// 10:54am

    thanks for your lovely comments about my work 😉

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2013 /// 5:33pm

    of course! : )

  5. toreishi /// 10.06.2013 /// 4:59am

    Oh oh oh…..That special ground between want to be and want to have.