lina cofán

It seems lately, that a week would not be complete if I didn’t write about something cactus related… enter the ceramics work of Madrid based artist Lina Cofán. I already loved them, and then I found this photo, from a Spanish shop window, that showed scale:

Super duper love.

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  1. salli swindell /// 10.29.2013 /// 7:56am

    brilliant + beautiful! super duper love for sure! (AND love the site redesign too!)

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.29.2013 /// 8:09am

    thanks salli! 🙂

  3. laura redburn // cardboardcities /// 10.29.2013 /// 10:02am

    i have just one word: LOVE!!!

  4. Molly Swanson /// 10.29.2013 /// 11:02am

    ooo! I’d love to own one of these! WOW!

  5. Leann Fernald /// 10.29.2013 /// 12:19pm

    extra super duper love. must have – this is my nickname!

  6. Marieke /// 10.29.2013 /// 12:47pm

    I’m jealous too.

  7. Autumn /// 10.29.2013 /// 1:32pm

    Oh, these are great!! And I really love the new website, too:)

  8. Jen /// 10.29.2013 /// 3:02pm

    They are amazing! I’m jealous too. I just returned from Arizona and am filled with cactus love.

  9. jess /// 10.29.2013 /// 3:04pm

    LOVE! can you buy in australia??

  10. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 10.29.2013 /// 6:39pm

    hey jess – i honestly couldn’t find anywhere to buy them, but you could contact lina directly to find out:

  11. Keely /// 10.29.2013 /// 7:00pm

    These are beautiful, being a California girl they would fit right in at my house. So lovely!

  12. the jealous curator /// 10.29.2013 /// 10:51pm

    yes! perfect! i want one too : )

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  14. Wendy /// 11.16.2013 /// 8:41am

    Raw and wonderfully distilled pieces!

  15. Dannie /// 12.04.2013 /// 9:21am

    Oh its wonderful.. Very lovely designing..

  16. Fatima /// 12.09.2013 /// 1:20am

    Lina’s art woks are very colorful, everything that she create is very artístic and beautiful.

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  18. Rajani /// 02.06.2014 /// 4:43pm

    Hi there – can you please tell me where I can buy these and send me a pricelist with photos of all the items you have.

    I live in Sydney, Australia


  19. the jealous curator /// 02.07.2014 /// 9:24am

    hi rajani – i’m not sure where to buy these (there’s no information on her site about purchases, just about exhibitions) but you can email her to enquire :
    good luck!

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