dave muller

This is the gorgeous work of LA based artist Dave Muller. The paintings shown here are my favorite pieces {acrylic on paper} from his show “Death Disco”, that was exhibited at The Approach in London last winter. I honestly don’t know what I love most… the drums, the stacks of CDs, the disco ball… or maybe it’s the amazing combination of images, not to mention the scale of it all! Ok. It’s the disco ball. So, that covers the “Disco” part of “Death Disco”… here’s where the “Death” comes in:

“Death Disco expands upon several familiar and more recent threads of the artist’s musically obsessed and multivalent art practice, namely death and celebration. Muller addresses feelings of loss and excess, reveling in a sort of joyful morbidity. Through depictions of personal yet emblematic objects, from unoccupied drum sets and stacks of CDs by famous musicians (recently deceased) to his own family photographs, Muller commemorates subjects who are conspicuous in their absence. Though social at his core, Muller avoids direct portrayal of people, choosing instead to direct our attention to the objects and ephemera left in their wake. Tracing elements of humanity through the unique stamp we each leave on the material world, he constructs an intricate multi-faceted portrait of both individuals and society as whole.”

{via Artsy Forager on Pinterest}