megan bogonovich

Oh, to be one of those adventurous little girls… I’d love to peek inside these crazy, flowering lumps! Delicate, organic, and totally bizarre. Yep, an excellent combination that happens to beĀ the work of New Hampshire based ceramics artistĀ Megan Bogonovich. Love.

{via Elsa Mora‘s fabulous blog, Art is a Way}

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  1. Wendi /// 11.07.2013 /// 9:24am

    Wow, love these.

  2. Fitty /// 11.07.2013 /// 1:02pm

    Awesome pieces!

  3. Elsa Mora /// 11.07.2013 /// 6:13pm

    I remember how something is my brain “clicked” when I first saw these pieces. So unique!