rebecca chaperon… again

Oh boy. I reallllly love these new paintings by Vancouver based artist Rebecca Chaperon. I just wrote about her in July, and was a little obsessed with her dark, moody color palette… and then I saw these! She told me that she had a really tough summer playing around with this new palette {it truly is such a huge departure from her regular work} but I think she’s got the hang of it now! I’ve said this before, but one thing I admire so much is when an artist pushes past their comfort zone, yet the work is still recognizable as their own… well, that’s what Rebecca has done with these pink beauties! {ps. they’re hanging at “Make Vancouver” from Dec 13- Jan 15 2013 – 257 East 7th Ave}

Ok. You thought I was finished – nope! While we’re talking about pink icebergs, I just had to show you these little “miniature iceberg” watercolor paintings that she’s been doing as well:

So sweet… and affordable!

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  1. Kari /// 12.18.2013 /// 8:39am

    Yes! Love Rebecca’s work (and have a miniature iceberg proudly displayed in my living room 🙂 Her new cotton candy palette is gorgeous.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 12.18.2013 /// 9:43am

    yes! i love it so much… good for her for pushing through a frustrating summer of palette experimentations! she arrived at such a gorgeous place (and cotton candy is the perfect description!)

  3. Jude Lightbown /// 12.18.2013 /// 2:25pm

    I have always loved Rebecca’s body of work and have since the early days. I must say that the icebergs took me by storm. To say that Rebecca has a way to speak through her art probably is not the correct way to interpret my feelings but its the best I can come up with. Yes Rebecca’s painting speaks to me in a close and personal way, however profound the art world is, Ms. Chaperon makes it easy to absorb.

  4. Shanan @ The Symmetric /// 12.19.2013 /// 6:22am

    Dreamy and mysterious – I love this new colour palette, and the icebergs, of course. Funnily enough I actually included Rebecca’s work, too, in a post yesterday about icebergs in contemporary art:

  5. stephanie /// 12.20.2013 /// 7:28pm

    i want one, very very bad! wow these are beautiful, dreamy and i have never seen anything like them. mmm!!!

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