abbey mcculloch… again

I’m quite sure that if I saw this new body of work by Australian artist Abbey McCulloch in person, I would cry a tiny bit. First of all, they are big {a few of these are 4’x3′}, her color choices are absolutely stunning, and the girls she paints…oh, so mysterious! Yep, if I saw these oil paintings in a gallery I think I’d have to lie down, just like that lovely blonde {she’s breathing, right?}

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  1. laura redburn /// 01.20.2014 /// 8:25am

    oh, i adore these!

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 01.20.2014 /// 10:50am

    me too!

  3. Tiffany /// 01.20.2014 /// 11:01am

    Oh, I’d likely cry too. Saw these on Pinterest and was taken aback by the colors and melancholy. It’s beautiful.

  4. brandi marie /// 01.20.2014 /// 11:08am


  5. Eileen /// 01.20.2014 /// 12:53pm

    Very mysterious and oddly quiet. Just lovely.

  6. Shannon /// 01.20.2014 /// 6:24pm

    These are stunning. Love.

  7. Abbey McCulloch | /// 09.25.2014 /// 6:27am

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