hsiao-ron cheng… again

Mmmmm, I can almost smell the peonies and roses… just imagine if my whole head was covered in them! This is the delicate, yet kinda weird, work of Taipei based artist Hsiao-Ron Cheng. I wrote about her paintings in 2012 {there were bunnies, a T-Rex, an alligator in a classroom}, but when I saw these new pastel-hued, flowery portraits, well… need I say more?

Happy weekend… I hope you get a face full of flowers!

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  1. Fieltrovitz /// 01.17.2014 /// 9:53am

    I really love these paintings! full of delicacy.

  2. the jealous curator /// 01.17.2014 /// 10:14am

    yes! so delicate! ♥

  3. laura redburn /// 01.18.2014 /// 11:21am

    oh my! these are AMAZING!

  4. Lianne /// 01.19.2014 /// 2:21pm

    Such a beautiful mute palette! I was discussing with someone the other day how I really admire muted art like this (my work is the complete opposite) because it takes considerable skill to create the contrast and depth necessary to suggest form with such soft colours. You can’t just add a dark shadow where you want because it destroys the softness. You really need to understand colour theory to make it work. So impressive.

  5. Barret /// 01.20.2014 /// 1:44pm

    Love these! really beautiful and delicate, from colour to line. 😀

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