lisa daria… again

I am trying to will spring to come… I’m not sure that it’s working. Well, if nothing else I can visit the site of American painter Lisa Daria every single day to see her latest daily flower painting. I don’t know how she manages to out-do herself day after day, but she does. So, so pretty… and at only $100 each, I’ve almost forgotten that it’s snowing, AGAIN.

{I included some of Lisa’s flowers in my REAL ART FOR A FICTITIOUS WORLD post on SF Girl By Bay yesterday… any guesses on who I was buying art for?}

comments (4)

  1. Jen /// 03.07.2014 /// 7:32am

    She captures the essence of flowers beautifully. I own two of her paintings, and love them.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 03.07.2014 /// 8:15am

    i need one. i’ve been coveting them for too long!

  3. maggie /// 03.07.2014 /// 9:53am

    A painting a day? That’s pretty amazing and inspiring.

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 03.07.2014 /// 11:10am

    i know right?! and just sooooo gorgeous every single day?!