ruth hiller

So simple, but oh, so striking. Wood grain and bright flat colors that I kinda want to touch… I think it’s the beeswax coating that’s calling my name! Yes, beeswax, damar, pigment on panel. These are from a series titled Soft Geometry by American artist Ruth Hiller.¬†Oh, and ps, they’re big. I thought they were little, but some of them are 2 to 3 feet! Here’s a shot from her studio showing the scale:

I’m gonna need one of these.

{Thanks to Jeanne for pointing me to Ruth’s site}

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  1. maggie /// 03.10.2014 /// 8:23am

    I am also needing one of these. Or several of them. So simple but so so stunning.

  2. laura redburn /// 03.10.2014 /// 12:32pm

    i can’t quite explain why, but i am loving these so much!

  3. Ros /// 03.10.2014 /// 1:08pm

    Nice contrast with the wood and pigment, they would make a fabulous “headboard” over a bed. Thanks for sharing x

  4. Jessica Gowling /// 03.10.2014 /// 3:01pm

    I know how much you love simple, intricate and spatially interesting pieces… This post has further reinforced that notion. On that note, I think you might really enjoy an old colleague of mine’s work, Larissa Tiggelers:

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.10.2014 /// 3:29pm

    um… yep! love ’em! thanks jessica : )

  6. Lesley | Artsy Forager /// 03.11.2014 /// 11:39am

    I love Ruth’s work! I’ve had her work pinned forever. The simplicity and the contrast of the solid color against the wood grain– so beautiful! They have such a mod, California surf culture feel to me. Love!

  7. Ruth /// 03.11.2014 /// 12:14pm

    Thanks so much for posting and your comments!

  8. Cynthia /// 04.17.2014 /// 1:29pm

    The work is stunning in person – colors, size, texture. She is as cool as her artwork.