todd baxter

Boy, those owl scouts cannot catch a break! Doesn’t this look like an amazing movie? Well, it’s not, because it’s not a movie! Nope, these are a few theatrically stunning photographs from a series by American photographer Todd Baxter, titled Owl Scouts. Those poor little owl scouts are not having the best day, but they sure are gorgeous! It took me a minute to realize that they were photos… they’re so painterly, beautifully lit, and completely fantastical. If Wes Anderson ever decides to do a much darker version of Moonrise Kingdom, I think Todd might have a few excellent art direction ideas.

ps. That close up of the fox face/custom scout badges, is killing me. Love!

{via lula’s walls}

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  1. maggie /// 03.11.2014 /// 10:34am

    I immediately thought of Moonrise Kingdom as well. These are stunning!

  2. Lesley | Artsy Forager /// 03.11.2014 /// 11:36am

    Oh my these are awesome!! Would love to find out more about his process. So stunning!

  3. Ana /// 03.11.2014 /// 3:58pm

    It’s too late in the evening/too early in the morning to come up with a fully formed sentence in English that would describe my love for these, so…


    Dark Moonrise Kingdom, indeed!

    (Also, I just came from The Grand Budapest Hotel and it was wonderful!)

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.11.2014 /// 4:01pm

    me too. love.
    ps. cannot wait to see that movie!

  5. Carol /// 03.11.2014 /// 8:43pm

    Photographs! Oh my! Incredible work…

  6. ELLIE /// 03.11.2014 /// 8:53pm

    Of course I had to investigate the whole series after such a beginning and… well, to put it simply, I see why you didn’t include the finale! Absolutely brilliant work, though — I say this about everything you post, but surely this is my favourite.

    pps: GBP isn’t out in Australia until 10th April. My country is barbaric and I am envious of you all.

  7. LizaShush /// 03.11.2014 /// 11:05pm

    Man, this has a dark end! That bear…

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.12.2014 /// 8:03am

    i know… i didn’t show the final shots… maybe it’s cuz i’m a mom!?

  9. Zandra Zuraw /// 03.12.2014 /// 5:46am

    Totally obsessing over Todd Baxter right now! You find the coolest stuff..

  10. Josh Rogers /// 03.12.2014 /// 12:39pm

    Just an fyi to you fellow fans — this series is for sale on Todd’s website —
    I am a collector of Todd’s and I’d love to see more people appreciate and buy his work. He’s super talented and deserves more recognition in the Art world.

  11. Deb Charlap /// 03.12.2014 /// 12:49pm

    Wes Anderson Plus ~ so awesome. (By the way, I know your site through Kathleen Shannon, but saw this today via Pinterest. You’re showing up there a lot lately ~ cheers).

  12. the jealous curator /// 03.12.2014 /// 3:15pm

    ah that’s great to hear… thanks deb! and josh, i don’t blame you for being fan/collector of todd’s work. so so so good!

  13. Sharmon Davidson /// 03.13.2014 /// 6:08am

    Wow- I thought for sure these were paintings! So strangely and wonderfully surreal, I just love them!

  14. Mary Gaspar /// 03.13.2014 /// 8:01am

    Totally stunning. Love.

  15. Brooks Salzwedel /// 03.13.2014 /// 9:04am

    Danielle !
    Thank you for sharing these. They are awesome ! Truly. Very inspiring.

  16. Michelle Casamassa /// 03.20.2014 /// 12:18pm

    This series is completely breathtaking. Such a surreal expression of color and light. Truly tells a beautifully exciting and dark story.. I want more!
    Thank you for posting this.