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Aren’t these crazy?! And they come with a fantastic story too! Ready? An American woman named Michelle Page spent some time in Nepal, and while she was there fell in love with these hand-painted, metal, “beware of dog” signs. However they were slowly being replaced by computer-generated signs. Not only did that mean the death of these crazy awesome folksie signs, but it also meant that the artists that made them were out of work. Well Michelle didn’t want to see that happen, so she started Nepal Art Dogs. You can send in a photo of your dog, and she gives that photo to a Nepalese artist who paints your dangerous, and or enlightened dog, on a metal sign. You get an original piece of art, the artists continue to work, this art form doesn’t die out, and your neighbors are protected, and or enlightened! Oh, and don’t worry cat lovers, we’ve got something for you too:

… and yes, even a little something for you chicken-lovers in the crowd {you know who you are}:

{via It’s Nice That}

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  1. maggie /// 03.13.2014 /// 9:43am

    Oh my gosh, this is amazing! I love that it supports artists that aren’t getting as much work as they used to. I also just rescued a chihuahua/terrier mix (which I lovingly describe as the Steve Buscemi of dogs), so I may have to get her painted.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.13.2014 /// 10:34am

    ha! that’s hilarious (and now i can totally picture your dog!) đŸ˜‰

  3. Michelle Page /// 03.13.2014 /// 3:29pm

    Thanks for the love! I wish you had thought of this, too. The artists really need the work. I found it fascinating to see which signs you chose to feature. Of course, I love them all, even after commissioning 2400 of them! Doggedly, Michelle

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 03.13.2014 /// 5:50pm

    i think they’re amazing, and i think what you’re doing is fantastic! hope this brings some commissions in : )

  5. Lucia /// 03.13.2014 /// 7:09pm

    I love thejealouscurador! đŸ™‚

  6. Viviana /// 03.20.2014 /// 4:32am

    I love this! Great idea to support a dying from of art.
    Congrats to Michelle. (:

  7. Michelle Page /// 03.21.2014 /// 4:15pm

    Danielle, you truly started a wave of appreciation from all over the world. I will send you a link of Danger Dogs commissioned that are a direct result of your post! (in June) Dog Bless, Michelle

  8. the jealous curator /// 03.22.2014 /// 11:00pm

    oh that is so exciting! thanks so much michelle! : )

  9. Michelle Page /// 03.21.2014 /// 4:17pm

    And were you aware that every portrait you chose were from different artists?

  10. Snuff’s Missing Links 22 | The Worst of Perth /// 03.28.2014 /// 5:52pm

    […] Be aware of enlighted chicen. […]

  11. Brinda /// 04.04.2014 /// 8:01am

    I love the jealous curator. What a fantastic idea, Michelle!

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