lucia dill

So, last week I popped by the gorgeous California College of the Arts campus in San Francisco. I took a little walk through the students’ studios, and there was so much good work hanging everywhere… but this studio stopped me in my tracks:

Muted color palettes… simple compositions … and so many chairs!!! I was in heaven. After a little bit of sleuth work it was determined that this was the studio of soon-to-graduate BFA student Lucia Dill. I wish she had been in her studio as I was snooping touring around campus, but alas, she must have been out looking for more chairs. Such lovely, “beautifully boring” work. I don’t know if it’s just me, but these chairs seem almost human. Some look lonely, others look like they are newly in love, and a few of them might not be speaking to each other:

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  1. maggie /// 03.14.2014 /// 8:28am

    I love that you feature student artists on this blog – these are some lovely pieces by Lucia.

  2. the jealous curator /// 03.14.2014 /// 8:34am

    well when student work looks like this, it’s easy to feature it! 😉

  3. Louise /// 03.14.2014 /// 8:35am

    I see these chairs as people. Some lonely and isolated, some gathering in groups and some having a weird threesome. I particularly like the two with their backs to each other…What a beautiful discovery.

  4. the jealous curator /// 03.14.2014 /// 8:42am

    agreed… on all fronts!

  5. Ruth /// 03.14.2014 /// 11:23am

    I love it – all the different conversations between chairs!

  6. Jen /// 03.14.2014 /// 5:53pm

    I love them too!

  7. Tara Riccio /// 03.15.2014 /// 11:00am

    I just love the volume of chairs. A fabulous example of how *sometimes* quantity can make quality. So beautiful!

  8. Erin M. Wheeler /// 03.18.2014 /// 2:55pm

    So fun to show you around CCA! Lucia’s painting’s look fabulous here. Hope to bring you back to campus to snoop / speak sometime soon!

  9. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 03.18.2014 /// 3:33pm

    HA! yes for sure! thanks so much for the tour, erin! i loved it and can’t wait to come back : )

  10. rbeard /// 03.19.2014 /// 6:10am

    please contact me?

    richard beard

  11. the jealous curator /// 03.19.2014 /// 9:29am

    hey richard… could you send me an email? thanks!

  12. Susie /// 03.31.2014 /// 7:53pm

    These are great!

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