elise wehle

I wrote about American artist Elise Wehle almost one year ago, but I just have to show you more! Cityscapes, fashion, and landscapes that are missing a little something thanks to Elise’s extraordinary pattern cutting skills! Stunning.

{All of these pieces are available in her Etsy shop… some prints and even a few originals!}

comments (5)

  1. Sheryl /// 03.27.2014 /// 8:57am

    I like these!

  2. rebeca /// 03.27.2014 /// 8:44pm

    you must be running out of artists, as you seem to be doing a lot of “agains” lately

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2014 /// 9:18pm

    nope! i have a drafts folder full of new ones, but sometimes i just get so excited about new work that some of my favorites are creating… calls for an “again”

  4. debra /// 03.27.2014 /// 11:36pm

    I can completely understand why your sharing this artist again, her work is stunning. Loving all of these pieces!

  5. BarbaraBee /// 03.28.2014 /// 3:35am

    wow, this artwork is really incredible!
    barbara bee