emily proud

There is something very calming about these washy, simple, abstract watercolors by San Francisco based artist Emily Proud… like you could hang one on your wall to look at while meditating, or doing yoga, or just sitting. This is some of her latest work, but if you dig around in Emily’s portfolio there are some fantastic florals that are just waaaay too vibrant for your morning meditation:

Florals, stripes, and leopard print? Love!

comments (5)

  1. maggie /// 03.31.2014 /// 11:17am

    I am really digging those florals.

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 03.31.2014 /// 11:26am

    me too!!!

  3. Dale /// 03.31.2014 /// 5:33pm

    I love those with the rings, especially the blue and red ones – the are sort of agate-like (if that’s a word!).

  4. laura redburn /// 04.01.2014 /// 3:44am

    yesss i love emilys work so much!

  5. Emily Proud /// 04.01.2014 /// 9:02am

    Thanks everyone!