ted feighan

It’s true. I have a thing for plant/flower collages. I collect vintage gardening books, cut them up into tiny bits, and then covet every single petal. So, I guess it’s not a surprise to say that I am totally smitten with the collage work of Ted Feighan. I am not happy about that snake [enter phobia here], but I may have to add books about tribal art, and golden jaguars, to my slightly obsessive thrift shoppin’ list.

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  1. maggie /// 04.16.2014 /// 9:35am

    I also have a thing for plant/flower collages. These are awesome.

  2. alicia /// 04.16.2014 /// 2:29pm

    your caption made my day. i do the exact same thing! vintage gardening books and flowers everywhere. i actually really love how he added these “predators” to the delicate flowers in the background. makes for a great contrast. im especially found of the last one.

  3. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 04.16.2014 /// 4:44pm

    me too! i think the last one is my favorite

  4. Jenn /// 04.16.2014 /// 5:33pm

    The only word I can come up with is “trippy.” In a good way, of course.

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