natasha law

Ok, I did not know that gloss paint on paper could look this sexy… well it does when London based artist Natasha Law is involved! Yes, those semi-nudes are very sultry, but so are Natasha’s compositions and color choices. Elegant, clean, graphic, and yep… kinda hot.

* I had to include this little tidbit… Natasha is not the only talented, creative person in her family. Her brother happens to be Jude Law.

comments (6)

  1. Kacee Friedman /// 04.17.2014 /// 6:51am

    Wow, these are lovely! The poses she illustrates are so dynamic.

  2. Jessica /// 04.17.2014 /// 9:02am

    I just came across Natasha’s work YESTERDAY. Yesterday! Ironic that you’re sharing it here today. Perhaps it’s a sign? I must own one of these. xo

  3. the jealous curator /// 04.17.2014 /// 10:00am

    that’s bizarre! isn’t she so amazing? i want one too!!!

  4. Elzemieke /// 04.17.2014 /// 10:21am

    Just beautiful. If I could, I’d buy one… Sad face.

  5. maggie /// 04.17.2014 /// 10:24am

    These are so sultry. I want one, or three, for my bedroom.

  6. simone /// 08.31.2016 /// 5:58am

    love, love, love!