alasdair thomson

Delicate, feminine, white clothing… CARVED FROM MARBLE! This is the work of Edinburgh based artist Alasdair  Thomson. I found this paragraph on his site, and it’s written so well that I thought I’d just copy ‘n paste:

Through his current series of sculptures, Alasdair is exploring the way fabric hangs and folds, and is attempting to capture that lightness and gracefulness in stone. Named ‘The Identity Collection’, his recent sculptures are carved copies of garments donated by his friends and family. Seeking to capture the characters of those he invited to donate, he surrendered the control of the content of the series by allowing others to submit garments of their choosing for him to carve. The results are simple and understated, as well as timeless and nostalgic.

Yes. They certainly are.

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  1. maggie /// 05.28.2014 /// 8:10am

    This…is…marble? I am trying to find a way on how I can wear these pieces because they are so freaking gorgeous.

  2. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2014 /// 9:06am

    i know, right?!

  3. Amy /// 05.28.2014 /// 10:26am

    I was just going to tell you to also check out the work of Ron Isaacs, but I see that you already have. These are amazing!

  4. Sarah Portland /// 05.28.2014 /// 6:55pm

    My reaction while scrolling down: “Oh, that’s cute… that’s cute, too… wait a minute….. is that…? I think it is! Holy moly, it is!” *slowly scrolls back up, examining each little detail, then passes the laptop to roommate, who also has the same exact reaction*

  5. the jealous curator /// 05.28.2014 /// 8:08pm

    haha! love it! (ps. my reaction too!)

  6. Kreetta /// 05.30.2014 /// 9:32pm

    Amazing. Just wow.

  7. auroradevine /// 06.02.2014 /// 3:08pm

    i love these…i just want to hang one on my bedroom wall. it will fit in so nicely…

  8. laura redburn /// 06.04.2014 /// 12:37am

    i would totally wear that first dress if it wasn’t made of marble! these are amazing.

  9. Annette McPherson /// 06.09.2014 /// 12:46pm

    I love art, of all kinds, and some times when our minds have a hard time wrapping itself around such beauty, we just sit back and enjoy the talent of others , these are exttermly beautiful”.

  10. the jealous curator /// 06.09.2014 /// 8:15pm

    aren’t they? sigh. amazing.