jennifer booher

This is new {like, really new!} work by Maine based artist Jennifer Booher. I wrote about her in 2011… she’s known for collecting, sorting, and photographing bits ‘n pieces that she finds on the beach. But not today. For this work she collected, sorted, and photographed MY bits ‘n pieces! YES! Jennifer emailed me a few months ago and said she wanted to work with me on something that we could show in my GREAT.LY gallery. She wanted to break away from her usual work, and do a portrait… kinda. I immediately rushed into my studio and gathered up all of the precious little things that I’ve been hoarding for, well, decades in some cases. I packed them up and sent them off to Maine so that Jennifer could work her magic. And then she did!

Each little item in this gorgeous “portrait” means something to me… those spools of thread belonged to my great grandmother, that gold horse is from GIRL CRUSH in Portland, I bought that big B when I was in Paris years ago in honor of my grandmother, Blanche, who had just passed away. Thank you so much to Jennifer for doing this with me… the final pieces are so gorgeous, and now my weird “Danielle Collection” is documented forever! ♥

ps. If you’re interested, both of these can be found at GALLERYONE {my little online gallery that I love so much!}  Print One /// Print Two

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  1. maggie /// 06.19.2014 /// 9:09am

    I want all of those trinkets! Think I need to go to Girl Crush for that gold horse.

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.19.2014 /// 9:34am

    ha! isn’t he sweet! he’s in a box on his way back home from maine as we speak : )

  3. Casey Webb /// 06.19.2014 /// 10:11am

    Wow incredible! Though I’m not going to lie, I’d be pretty terrified to ship such precious treasures for fear that they would get lost in the mail.


  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.19.2014 /// 10:19am

    yes! that did scare me a tiny bit!

  5. Meghan /// 06.19.2014 /// 11:04am

    When is your next Girl Crush in Portland? I want in 😉

  6. laura redburn /// 06.19.2014 /// 12:29pm

    absolutely love this! not only do i love the trinkets, but the color combination too 🙂

  7. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 06.19.2014 /// 4:02pm

    i know… isn’t that funny? i tend to collect a lot of gold, pink and wood!
    and meghan, if i ever do another GIRL CRUSH i’ll let you know 😉

  8. Rabbit Rabbit | Quercus Design /// 06.19.2014 /// 5:43pm

    […] feels like a birth announcement: The Jealous Curator and I are delighted to announce the arrival of twins! (Twin photographs, that is.) Maybe you […]

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