michelle quan

Ceramic diamonds… I may have to sit down for a moment. Ok. I’m better… uh-oh, ceramic diamonds in the form of a giant garland. I’ve lost my breath again. This is the work of New York based artist/designer¬†{originally from Vancouver} Michelle Quan. ¬†I came across that amazing garland when I was in TOTOKAELO, an absolutely gorgeous store in Seattle. This was hanging over the inside of their front door, and I loved it immediately. And those diamonds all on their own… so fantastic! I want one for my living room. And maybe a few more for my garden. And one for my bedroom. Oh, ceramic diamonds… love.

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  1. maggie /// 06.24.2014 /// 8:11am

    Even though the spelling of the last name is different, did anybody else somehow think the ice skater Michelle Kwan did this for a split second?

  2. Dal /// 06.24.2014 /// 4:58pm

    WOW! SO CUTE!!!!

  3. Kate Bussey /// 06.24.2014 /// 7:21pm