b.a. lampman

The eyes. I just keep looking at the eyes! Does that eye belong to the girl… or the horse… or both? I don’t know! I’ll keep looking.

It was the vintage horses that got me first, followed closely by those ghostly white-lined girls. This is the beautiful/kinda weird work of Victoria, Canada based artist B.A. Lampman. I met her very briefly at my book event in Victoria at the end of May, and boy, am I glad I did! Such beautifully bizarre collages, that I cannot look away from. I need some big wooden frames from the 1960s for these ladies, and their pets, and then I’d be set!

comments (3)

  1. maggie /// 06.25.2014 /// 8:23am

    I love these line drawings – it reminds me of what the band Disclosure does with all of their album cover artwork – maybe they drew inspiration from Lampman! Lovely pieces.

  2. Fabienne Michot /// 06.25.2014 /// 10:53am

    I have known B.A. Lampman since art school and she has always done amazing work. The dog-map-woman is my personal favorite (I’m a dog person ;-). Her work plays with our heads, literally! Can’t wait to see more.

  3. Annette /// 06.25.2014 /// 11:09am

    Big Big Fan
    BA is the Bomb!!!

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