bovey lee

Power lines, freeways, pavers, rebar, steel bridges, and dizzying high rises… and plum blossoms. Yep, somehow these delicate flowers work seamlessly with these hardĀ urban textures thanks to the exquisite hand-cut paper work of Hong Kong born, Pittsburgh based artist Bovey Lee. Ah, if only every city could create such a harmonious balance between nature and industry. Sigh. Lovely.

{via Colossal}

comments (3)

  1. Jennifer /// 07.22.2014 /// 7:57am

    God-damn brilliant!

  2. Ashley Cecil /// 07.22.2014 /// 7:01pm

    Bovey is a friend and fellow artist here in Pittsburgh. I love her work and am so glad to see her featured on your blog. She’s a gem. Thanks for giving her the spotlight.

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.22.2014 /// 8:24pm

    oh, it’s easy to put a spotlight on her… what a talent!