‘o’ is for oprah

A few weeks ago I put up a very vague ‘O’ post on my Facebook page. I had exciting news but couldn’t say much… until now:

Yep! My book, CREATIVE BLOCK, is mentioned in the current issue of O, The Oprah Magazine! It’s the “Breakthrough” issue, so I am ridiculously honored to have the book be included. Down the left hand side of page 100 you’ll find three of the unblocking projects – one by painter Martha Rich, another by multi-disciplinary artist Kelly Lynn Jones, and a road trip idea from photographer Jennifer Altman – they’re all such smart, creative women! Have a peek:

Amazing! But wait, that’s not all!!! They also asked me to come to LA and shoot a few segments for #OWNSHOW. Um … I SAID YES. I was so nervous. Excited, but yes, nervous. Luckily I didn’t have too much time to overthink it, because about a week later, I packed my suitcase and was on my way. It turns out, there was nothing to be worried about. I have never met a nicer group of people. So fun, so encouraging, and so professional… what else would you expect though, right?! I ended up shooting five segments with their lovely #OWNSHOW host, Danisha Danielle Hoston. Thanks goodness for Danisha – she instantly made me feel comfortable. Anyway, we talked about shame, inner-critics, blocks, and finding a way out of all of that. I think everything went pretty well … wanna see them? (they’re all less than five minutes each, I promise):

No.1  How Artists Handle Self-Doubt:

No.2  What Artists Know About Creative Blocks:

No.3  How Shame Stifles Creativity:

No.4  Three Ways to Find Inspiration:

No.5  A Simple Way to Free Your Mind:

Ahhh!!! Craziness. Thank you so much #OWNSHOW – I loved every minute of my time with you guys, especially drawing those flowers!

So, next stop? Super Soul Sunday with Oprah herself. Ok, that’s not actually happening (yet!) but I’m going to put it into the universe anyway, because, hey, you never know!

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  1. Uncle Beefy /// 07.23.2014 /// 6:29am

    OMGosh! Congratulations! I mean, does it get more exciting than this?! Can’t wait to watch all of the videos and will be sending out some serious “Super Soul Sunday” good juju your way, Danielle! 🙂

  2. Dawn Pearcey /// 07.23.2014 /// 6:30am

    Congratulations Danielle! These are wonderful videos – you’re so well-spoken and engaging. I love the levity talk – humour has been such a breakthrough for me personally. You and your work are definitely Super Soul food! Cheers to your own painting too!

  3. Jessica /// 07.23.2014 /// 6:41am

    I loved watching all your interviews! As always, you are so articulate and elegant and witty. Congratulations my friend! There’s no doubt in my mind you will be on Super Soul Sunday! Big hugs. xo

  4. the jealous curator /// 07.23.2014 /// 6:45am

    oh! thanks everyone! it was a really exciting experience (still pinching myself actually!) and yes… keep that “super soul sunday” juju coming my way 😉

  5. Ana /// 07.23.2014 /// 7:23am

    I have only heard of the influence Oprah has in America, but from that I got the impression it’s HUGE.


  6. Wendi /// 07.23.2014 /// 7:54am

    Congratulations! The videos are engaging and inspiring – just like you. Keep doing what you do.

  7. Brittany | The Home Ground /// 07.23.2014 /// 9:32am

    Danielle, this is so cool! You are great on camera! So excited to get your book, it should be arriving soon. Sending Super Soul Sunday vibes your way!!

  8. tiffanie /// 07.23.2014 /// 10:37am

    FANTASTIC!!!!! I am so happy for you, and I am also so happy for the wider realm of people who are going to discover your fantastic book (I finally have time and have been reading it!) and break through their blocks! You know I love ya. So proud of you, and you did great in the interviews. xoxo

  9. Bonnie /// 07.23.2014 /// 12:06pm

    Thanks for sharing these videos here! I pick up your book every few days and read little bits of it as I’m in a serious procrastination phase with a new show I am working on and it’s great to be reassured that I’m in good company.

  10. Danisha Danielle Hoston /// 07.23.2014 /// 12:07pm

    Heyyyyyyy Danielle! Thank you for sharing your insight with #OWNSHOW! It was so much fun interviewing you… Hope to see you again soon! Best of luck with book sales!

  11. Stephanie /// 07.23.2014 /// 12:10pm

    These are SOOOO great D!!! Super entertaining and informative and smart. I love them!!! And I am so happy and proud for you. It’s beautiful to watch what is happening in your life. It just keeps getting more and more awesome. Big love!!!

  12. Victoria Smith /// 07.23.2014 /// 1:58pm

    so proud of you!! this is AMAZING!! XO

  13. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.23.2014 /// 2:32pm

    thanks everyone! i’m so happy that you’re all in my world… it makes sharing news like this even more fun xoxo
    ps. danisha, so nice to meet you! thanks for making me feel so comfortable! : )

  14. amy friend /// 07.23.2014 /// 3:00pm

    Super Exciting and Well Deserved! Yippee!

  15. the jealous curator /// 07.23.2014 /// 4:08pm

    thanks amy! so happy to have you in the book! xo

  16. Jenn /// 07.23.2014 /// 4:09pm

    That is awesome! And the videos are fascinating.

  17. the jealous curator /// 07.23.2014 /// 4:13pm

    oh, thanks jenn! i had so much more to say on this subject… i guess i’ll have to save it for super soul sunday : )

  18. Shari Young /// 07.23.2014 /// 7:17pm

    Look at you go girl! So, so, so proud of you!

  19. Lawralinda Bawman /// 07.23.2014 /// 8:11pm

    Woaouw, this truly a blessing! Your father Mr Dan Cumming told me about you and I really, really, really very much like your blog!!!
    Thank you for sharing and never stop following your true-self!

  20. Brianne /// 07.23.2014 /// 9:25pm

    DUDE you are so awesome, great job!!

  21. Sarah /// 07.23.2014 /// 10:45pm

    This is so fantastic – congratulations! I loved all these wonderful interviews. I’m going through a block right now and this couldn’t be better timed.

  22. Mary /// 07.23.2014 /// 10:53pm

    Perfect! I’ve been following your blog for ages, and enjoy every single post. I’m so glad your book is receiving such good press! Best to you.

  23. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.23.2014 /// 10:54pm

    you are, sarah?!?! we need to have another of our chocolate/coffee dates… that REALLY helped me! email me xo

  24. marika /// 07.24.2014 /// 2:13am

    Congratulations, I love your blog and your eye for interesting work, you deserve the publicity. ps
    have just ordered the book!

  25. Denise /// 07.24.2014 /// 5:21am

    OMG!! That’s huge!!! Good for you! Enjoy all of it for as long as you can!

  26. Darlene /// 07.24.2014 /// 6:17am

    WOW – Congratulations on the OWN Videos and the book too!!! What a coup!

  27. Linda /// 07.24.2014 /// 10:43am

    Congratulations on the video opportunity–you nailed it! I enjoy reading you blog everyday!

  28. Kathryn /// 07.24.2014 /// 10:57am

    Loved the clips! I’ve followed your blog for several years now and it’s so fun to put a voice/face to what I’ve seen here. Congratulations on what sounds like a wonderful project!

  29. Janet /// 07.24.2014 /// 11:43am

    Congrats on the book and the interview – what a huge opportunity! I’m now even more of a fan than I already was 🙂

  30. Jaime /// 07.24.2014 /// 12:07pm

    YOU ARE BIG TIME!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxo

  31. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 07.24.2014 /// 11:35pm

    you guys are seriously THE BEST! thanks for all of the very sweet words everybody!!!! xo

  32. Jacqueline /// 07.25.2014 /// 1:03am

    Hi Danielle. How absolutely amazing to find you through your blog and now to see and hear you too. I can’t tell you how much I love the way you write and feature other artists and how you talk and what you say. You and your blog are an enormous inspiration to me. I am 53 and about to start art school in September. I bought your book and omg if it isn’t helping support me during this summer where I have tasks to create for the start of school! The other book that really helped me unbury my artist was the Artist’s Way, and I consider your book the one that stands next to it. Well done for becoming you and following your passion and sharing it!!! xx

  33. the jealous curator /// 07.25.2014 /// 6:12am

    wow. thanks jacqueline – that is a huge compliment! i’m a big fan of the artist’s way (i did it about 6 years ago… pre-jealouscurator!) good luck in school!!!! how exciting!

  34. laura redburn /// 07.26.2014 /// 7:42am

    such awesome and overwhelmingly exciting news! well done you!

  35. jan /// 07.26.2014 /// 8:28pm

    The videos are great!!! You are a natural! I RAN to Barnes and Noble yesterday to buy your book and absolutely LOVE it. I want to tell the whole world to go out and buy it. Thank you for doing what you do and for being so “real”.

  36. the jealous curator /// 07.27.2014 /// 7:26pm

    yay! that’s so sweet! thanks so much jan : )

  37. Emmi Hadfield /// 07.28.2014 /// 6:26pm

    This is amazing! Congrats, and keep up the wonderful work! Very inspiring.

  38. Antonia /// 07.29.2014 /// 1:13pm

    This is awesome – you are a bundle of joy – can I put you in my pocket?!

  39. sue /// 07.29.2014 /// 5:32pm

    This is so great: lots of good info and I loved the “roll the dice and stay an hour at your destination” tip. I’m a freelance art director and I have to build creative blocks into my timelines and estimates too! Congrats on your Own videos!

  40. sara /// 08.30.2014 /// 11:45am

    Omg this is so special and makes me feel sooo good, i remember like a year ago you posted an artist and i told you “oh I am making something like this” and showed you the links of my poor artwork at that time, you told me they were great, and i believed. Now i know they wasnt that great but is special when someone that doesn’t even know you or know anything about to be an artist in Venezuela, make you feel good with your artwork.
    You’re amazing, thank you for this, for your books, and everything.
    Love, Sara!

  41. Antoinette Williams /// 11.28.2015 /// 11:35am

    This is late, but You are such an inspirational woman!!