#makegood : lisa golightly

Celebrating artists? Oh, I can do that! GREAT.LY is knee deep in the middle of a campaign, called #makegood. You’ll see that hashtag around a lot in the next few weeks as a whole bunch of GREAT.LY tastemakers will be working together to shine the spotlight on their favorite makers. I’m on a little team of artsy tastemakers, and just to make it extra fun for ourselves, we’ve decided to do a “summer lovin” theme! So… One of my faves + Summer Lovin? Clearly I’m going to be writing about Portland based artist Lisa Golightly:

I have “hung” all of these pieces in my online gallery, and I literally cannot pick a favorite {can you?!}. Lisa is so lovely, as is her work and the inspiration behind it:

So, so gorgeous. Check out the posts written by my “summer lovin” team:  Artsy Forager // Bird + Beau // Mai Autumn … and #makegood by supporting independent artists & makers, like Lisa, whenever you can! Happy weekend xo

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  1. kristin | bird + beau /// 07.26.2014 /// 8:17am

    LOVE this — Lisa’s works are like memories of summery goodness, hazy, and faded, but oh so delightful. xo

  2. danielle @ this picture book life /// 07.27.2014 /// 9:38am

    I have three of her prints in my dining room! Love these ethereal summer ones too.

  3. Dawn Pearcey /// 07.27.2014 /// 11:46am

    So evocative & beautiful. Daydreams are built on shimmery beach days. Thank you!

  4. stephanie /// 07.27.2014 /// 8:03pm

    i have never seen anything so simultaneously gorgeous and rich, simple and controlled, emotional and evocative…..such an eye and such a deft talent and expressiveness with a brush…..i am just in awe. beautiful work.

  5. Lesley | Artsy Forager /// 07.28.2014 /// 8:29am

    I love the way Lisa captures a fading, fleeting moment! Such lovely atmosphere.

  6. ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN | lex gill /// 07.29.2014 /// 7:08am

    […] Lisa Golightly, via The Jealous Curator (as part of GREAT.LY’s #makegood project) […]

  7. Stephanie /// 08.01.2014 /// 9:32am

    these are SOOOO beautiful. love.

  8. Casey Webb /// 08.04.2014 /// 4:27pm

    These are beyond lovely. Bravo on the amazing finds!

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