pablo s. herrero

Gorgeous. This is the work of Spanish artist Pablo S. Herrero. He’s quite well known for his large-scale murals on and in buildings, but I just love love love these ink on paper pieces. Mysterious and beautiful, simple and striking. In fact, I’m now inspired to spend a few days in the forest… ok, I was going anyway, but now I’m even more excited! I don’t usually take days off from posting, but it’s my little boy’s birthday and he only asked us for one thing… to wake up in the forest on his actual birthday. Done. I will be computerless for the next few days, and will be back with a new post on Thursday. See you then!

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  1. Ana /// 07.28.2014 /// 10:02am

    Have fun in the forest.

    These just make me want to get lost in them.

  2. tatiana /// 08.24.2014 /// 6:29pm

    that is the best birthday wish.