a little weekend giveaway!


Yep, I said winners. I’ve decided to give away TWO $100 gift cards to be used on any item on GREAT.LY!!! One of them is from the generous folks atย GREAT.LY, and one of them is from me… so many of you lovely people entered, I couldn’t have justย one winner! Oh, and all of you should buy something today because GREAT.LY will be offering FREE SHIPPING, all over the world, from today until Aug 17th. True story.

So, the two winners… DANIELLE CAMPBELL and HEATHER BOWLING! Congratulations, ladies! I’ll be in touch with your special checkout code โ™ฅ


A week ago I did post about Lisa Golightly as part of #makegood – a campaign that shone a bright light on several GREAT.LY makers. Well, we decided to turn it into a bit of a competition between tastemakers by putting everyone into teams, and seeing which group could make the most sales for our makers… my team won! Guess what the prize is?

Ok, fine. I’m going to give the card to one of you {to buy whatever you love on GREAT.LY} but let’s just say that I got to keep the card… I have been eyeing all three of these gorgeous things for ages! I rarely buy myself pretty things, so maybe I should just get all of them, yes? YES!ย {Leather tote by the always amazing/inspiring FashionABLE; Oh. That bar ring, by Handmade Lemonade. Love!; Chunky sparkly earrings, by Bird + Beau, that should clearly be mine}

Of course, it would be really hard not to spend the $100 on art…

I have written about all of this work before, yet I don’t own any of it. Well, obviously, that should be fixed! {Floral/graphic screenprints by Print Club Boston; Dreamy beachy print by Lisa Golightly}

And since I am continually looking for amazing things to put into our hundred year old new-to-us farmhouse, I had to add these beauties to my pretend shopping list too:

Hm. Bit of a woodsy theme going on there. Works for me! {A firewood bag made from recycled fire hoses by Oxgut. Amazing; A geo-wood planter by C.C. Boyce; A set of very foxy bookends by Dmitriy Olshevskiy; and just to keep the woodland creature theme going, ceramic animal dessert plates by Jill Burns.}

Ok, now for some real shopping! Leave a comment below, and I’ll draw one name on Monday August 11th at 9am PST… good luck and happy weekend!

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  1. Nicole V /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:42am

    I love your blog! I read it everyday.

    Please enter my name into the draw for the gift card.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent curating of beautiful art. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Katie Nelson /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:43am

    I would love this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Ruby Collins /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:46am

    It would be hard to decide what to spend it on, but I could try!

  4. Marina /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:52am

    GAME ON! Come to me gift card! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ashley I /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:52am

    My life could REALLY use that Lisa Golightly print ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Kristie P /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:54am

    Oooo I love all of your picks!!

  7. Marat /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:55am


  8. Heather Q, /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:56am

    Those animal plates warm my heart. <3

  9. Heather Kirtland /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:56am

    OOOh!! A hundred bucks for art!! Christmas and my birthday wrapped into one.

  10. Sabrina /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:57am

    Ooh, that FashionABLE bag looks good.

  11. Emily /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:57am

    I really hope I win!

  12. Emily /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:00am

    So many great options!

  13. Mary /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:00am

    They are all so cool! I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. Ruth Denham /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:03am

    Hello Jealous Curator! I absolutely love your blog and your pinterest page. As an artist your posts are great for daily inspiration. (please check out my website)
    Please enter my name into this competition, I would love to win!
    Thanks Ruth

  15. Tasneem /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:03am

    I love the dreamy beachy print. I have been following Lisa Golightly’s work for a while and was so excited when you featured her.

  16. Hannah /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:06am

    Everything looks so lovely. I’m totally going to throw my hat into the ring for this one.

  17. Cheyanne /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:08am

    This is magical

  18. Chloรฉ /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:10am

    Oh wow! What a great prize. I love your blog!

  19. heather smith /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:14am

    how very generous of you!!! you have a wonderful blog. it’s long been one of my favorites.

  20. Caitlin /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:15am

    That bag has been on my list for awhile now too – great picks!

  21. Becca /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:18am

    My walls are so bare! I would spend ALL of it on art!!

  22. Yvonne /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:20am

    Oh yes yes yes please. My birthday is coming up, so I’d love to treat myself, and my husband (his birthday was last month) to some of these beauties. Fingers crossed!

  23. Julie /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:21am

    Thanks for this opportunity, and the lovely posts!

  24. Alicia /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:22am

    I would be so grateful!

  25. Weichen /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:23am

    Pick me!

  26. Felicia /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:25am

    This is a solid list of gorgeous things. Thanks for thinking of your readers!

  27. Morgan /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:26am

    A gift card would be amazing, but even if I don’t win, you can count on me to keep reading your blog! Not only is the art you post inspiring, but so are you! I can hear your personality through your writing, and it is always such a joy to read your commentary! Thanks for your dedication to art appreciation!

  28. Rachel Leibson /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:26am

    Your shopping list is pretty good! Thanks for the opportunity.

  29. mary dusek /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:28am

    Love your site and your beautiful pinterest boards! thanks for this chance to win!!

  30. Chris R /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:30am

    That dreamy beach print is gorgeous. Would be lovely in the bathroom.

  31. zed tods /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:32am

    I visit your blog very often: always fascinating! Thank you for the game.

  32. Leah Marshall /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:33am

    I would love to receive this gift card and will keep on reading the jealous curator for inspiration! Thanks!

  33. joanna kam /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:34am

    LOVE those earrings, what a lovely store

  34. sascha w /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:39am

    What better way to stimulate the economy/support artists than to buy amazing arty stuff! Yay!

  35. Megan H. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:39am

    Such beautiful items, hope I get that gift card!

  36. Ana M /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:45am

    Love love the fox bookends!!

  37. Jenny B /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    Hooray for the Jealous Curator! I would love to win!!!

  38. Sarah Packer /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    You have the BEST taste! Love the Print Club Boston floral screenprints, would be a perfect addition to my little art collection I am cultivating – need a bigger place – im running out of room haha! I want everything <3

    Hope I get the gift card!

  39. Joslyn /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    You’ve got such great taste ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Jennifer H. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    All things crossed. Thank you for yet another amazing giveaway!

  41. Naomi /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    I simply wouldn’t know what to choose. So much loveliness! ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. theresa /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:46am

    I’m jealous of your impeccable taste, jealous curator! Thanks for treating my eyes daily!

  43. Anne Sophie /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:47am

    All the way from France, I read your blog everyday and it’s very inspiring ! I hope you’ll put my name on the gift card ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you !

  44. Nikki /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:47am

    I really love all the features in cacti, I hope I win this gift card!

  45. China Marsot-Wood /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:47am

    I love your postings! Beautiful art!
    And I would love this! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. Emma /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:47am

    Fingers crossed…hoping to win… So many beautiful items to browse! ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. rosalyn /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    ahhhh!!! this is so exciting, thank you for sharing this giveaway!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. Nolwenn /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    Totally worth entering the contest! You have such a pretty & insipred selection and it’s always a pleasure to discover your new posts.

  49. Sarah Huysecom /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    Aww every thing is so beautiful! It would be hard to make a choice!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. VIcky W. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    I need this, i read you everyday from Argentina ๐Ÿ˜€ Kissses!!!! Love all the stuff you publish

  51. Natalia /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    Going to be crossing my fingers!!

  52. rachel o /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    I NEED those animal plates, so adorable!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Carly D /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    Foxes!!!!! That is all.

  54. L-A /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:48am

    Totally want to win this.

  55. Shannon M. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:49am

    I’d love to win — my home has too many blank walls to fill in, I’m sure with $100 I could find some art I’d love to have.

  56. Stacy T. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:49am

    So lovely of you to offer this giveaway… now we can spend the weekend dreaming of the art we could pick out if we win…

  57. Rafik Hariri /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:49am

    Doesn’t hurt to try ^^

  58. Amber Baruch /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:49am

    Love love the items that you post frequently and the ones above! I would be delighted to win as I am currently an art graduate with no art on my walls!

  59. Nolwenn /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:49am

    totally worth entering the givaway, you have such a pretty and inspired selection! It’s always a pleasure to discover your latest post!

  60. Emma /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    I would love to win! Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  61. Kay /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    Um, yes please! Love your blog!

  62. margarita /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    Those are great options! I think i’ll pick those too.

  63. Samara /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    oh, I want that bag ๐Ÿ˜‰ <3

  64. Jenn Braz /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    Sounds great!

  65. Kim Crowley /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:50am

    Everything looks lovely! What a great giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  66. Lauren /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    I recently discovered your website and it’s been hard to pay attention to work ever since! Great site!

  67. Amanda /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    I love your blog so much! I’m an artist too, and I always go here for inspiration when I’m feeling stuck. You always post the best stuff! Thanks!

  68. Jessica M. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    Love this! I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be picked.

  69. Trish S /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    If I did win the $100 it would be very difficult to decide what to get. So many fabulous options.

  70. Brigette /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    Great giveaway, thank you.

  71. Virgilia R. /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    Damn. I wish I thought of creating a blog like this!

    Love your work,


  72. Jessica B /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:51am

    It’s all so lovely! Gift card…yes please!

  73. Christina Catterson /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:53am

    Oh please, please pick me! Those Rock Glitter Studs are calling my name!

  74. Courtney Z /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:53am

    love your blog! thanks for doing what you do ๐Ÿ™‚

  75. Ioana Ortan /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:54am

    So exciting!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. Arielle Goddard /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:54am

    Beautiful things. Would love to win!

  77. Vanessa Lee /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:55am

    Love the work you do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Erica Hess /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:55am

    Love your site! Always a welcome distraction from my work day!

  79. Elizabeth D'Agostino /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:56am

    Jealous Curator, one of my favourite blogs! I love everything on this site. So much great inspiration.

  80. Susan R /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:56am

    I just moved and I need new art for my new walls!

    Always jealous after reading your posts,

  81. Koi /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:57am

    *fingers crossed* all of these items are lovely!

  82. Chrissy /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:57am

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for bringing art life awareness to the masses.

  83. Natalie /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:58am

    I want everything. ๐Ÿ™‚

  84. Aubrey Connolly /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:58am

    I am LOVING the fox bookends!! Thank you for posting this giveaway. I love this website.

  85. Myhrra Doherty /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:58am

    I hope there is some luck.

  86. Pamela G /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:58am

    Such wonderful creations!

    Thanks for your always inspiring posts!


  87. Shara DeWitt /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:58am

    Great picks! Those foxy bookends, though. LOVE.

  88. Amy R /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:59am

    Love your blog! It’s such an inspiration.

  89. Bryoni Meighan /// 08.08.2014 /// 7:59am

    Really hope i’m in with a chance, this blog is so inspiring, and i just love it! And i adore the shop too! Good luck to everyone entering ๐Ÿ™‚ fingers crossed! Stay wonderful! X

  90. Debi /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:00am

    Ooh!!! YES!! You know I’m a fan!! <3

  91. Gina R /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:00am

    I Love your blog! I would love to add some more art to my colletion.

  92. Julia Rose /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:00am

    I love your posts I’m always spazzing along with you.

  93. sally /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:00am

    I would be jealous of the Jealous Curator blog – if you didn’t do such a wonderful job of it. Kinda takes the pressure off of me! ๐Ÿ™‚ In my dream, you will feature my artwork here. Till then, fingers crossed for that gift card! – Have a great weekend!

  94. Erica Mura /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    I’m feeling JEALOUS of the person who will win this amazing giveaway!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  95. Karin K /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    I love what you do. Color me jealous of the Jealous Curator. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  96. SarahL /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    As an art lover and curator I am always completely inspired (and jealous) by your “finds”. Love the blog. Love the art. Cheers!

  97. Johanna B. /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    Oooo! Great picks, <3 those plates!

  98. Molly /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    Oh how I’d LOVE to win! I’ve been hoping to be a “Taste Maker” at Great.ly because I think it’s AMAZING! Love everything in there! Hope I win!

  99. Libby Westby /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:01am

    Let it be me.

  100. Majka /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:02am

    Everything looks so lovely. I bought a new flat last week, and winning something cute and beautiful for my new home would make it a double win for me.

  101. Sarah /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:02am

    Ooooohhhhh yes pleeeeeeeaaaaase! Yum yum yummmmm

  102. Laura /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:02am

    I would totally spend it on art prints and yeah I might need those chunky sparkly earrings… Since it’s a matter of life and death, you know?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  103. Michele Guerrieri /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:02am

    Just started following your site! Love the articles you have been posting so far!

  104. Marissa /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:02am

    You are so cool! This is such a great giveaway!
    Looove your work


  105. Alison Updyke /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:03am

    Obsessed with your blog!


  106. Ellie Bond /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:03am

    Your blog is the first place I look when it comes to inspiration for my graphics, textiles or photography. Not only are the artists you find brilliant but your comments are so enjoyable to read. Although part of me wanted this website to be my little secret I couldn’t help sharing you with the rest of my Graphics class! I’m still in college so funds are pretty low and this website sells some truly fabulous things! My heart can’t take not owning them!

    Please never stop finding and posting such beautiful pieces of art!

  107. Silvia F. /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:04am

    I want to go to there +_+

  108. Kathleen /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:04am

    Awesome! Love great.ly!

  109. Suzanne L /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:05am

    I love the art prints and the leather tote!! What a fun contest to enter. I love everything you share with us! Thanks for the daily inspiration! ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Sandra Townsend /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:05am

    ooooohhhhh so much to choose from! ๐Ÿ™‚

  111. Linzi B /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:05am

    Thanks for being so sweet and giving the card away! Please enter me in the draw. IF I win, I know its going to hard to choose something. great.ly has so much great (mmhmm) stuff.

  112. Jennie /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:06am

    Love following your blog posts and discovering young, cool and uber talented artists. Thank you!!

  113. Emilie G. /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:06am

    I work for a magazine and i always go on your site for inspiration! Its really esthetic, a candy for the eyes! Its a real pleasure to follow you!

  114. Emily /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:06am


  115. Stephanie /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:07am

    Love your book, love you blog! -Thank you!
    I’d love to win this! ๐Ÿ™‚

  116. Grace /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:07am

    Awesome! Every thing is so lovely!

  117. Shawna /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:07am

    Sign me up! Love it!

  118. Laura /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:08am

    holy crap yes pleeeeease =]

  119. alison /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:08am

    I heart you jealous curator!! I would love love love to win this comp!! Too many things I want I wish I had money for all! X

  120. Patricia E. /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:08am

    Just discovered great.ly. I would love to pick out some special art prints for our new house.

  121. Melissa Lin /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:09am

    All fingers and toes crossed for this one! ~~ Thank you Lisa the giveaway and the daily inspiration xxx

  122. Natalia F /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:09am

    Me, me, me! this is so lovely!

  123. Hans /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:09am

    My birthday is just around the corner! fingers crossed!

  124. Andrea Avery /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:09am

    Love all these beautiful treasures.

  125. Christin Erjavec /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:10am

    Such lovelies! Makes my eyes and heart happy! You always find the most beautiful pieces to inspire.
    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you, love. <3

  126. Teresa /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:10am

    love your blog!

    i’d definitely choose the tote and some prints ๐Ÿ™‚

  127. Jordan Stafford /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:10am

    I need all the things. I just can’t handle this. Its all so LOVELY!!!!!

  128. Andrea Robin /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:10am

    This is so exciting! Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. marie /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:10am

    …already getting REALLY excited and dreaming about all the beautiful stuff I could get for the new place I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend soon.

  130. Jan Little /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:11am

    So many beautiful things!! As always, you’ve curated a wonderfully covetable selection.

  131. Noo /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:11am

    I am a young curating student and die-hard esthete – it would be a dream to win this giveaway!

  132. alicia /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:12am

    I’ll take some art pleeeeease <3

    Such good stuff! <3

  133. Siegi Lindsay /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:12am

    I’m grateful to my friend Rachel for turning me on to your blog ..
    Always an inspiration & beautifully curated..
    And for heavens sake buy yourself something pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  134. Lucia Riffel /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:12am

    I desperately need one of those floral screenprints. Enter my name, please!

  135. Micah del Rosario /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:12am

    I love your blog! You are one of my inspirations and your picks are too beautiful! I would love to have my name entered! thank you โ™ก

  136. Alyssa Ellis /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:13am

    I love your blog and even referenced it while I was going my BFA.

  137. Maya K /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:13am

    ~ Want to be jealous of myself! ~

  138. Lu /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    Winning this prize would actually mean a really early start of preparing Christmas presents this year ๐Ÿ˜‰

  139. Jessica Burnette /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    Those dessert plates are sweet! Love all the items shown ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Dani Matarrita /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    Such a lovely collection!! I will love tto win, cross fingers

  141. Basia P. /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    I would love to enter your generous giveaway!
    Thank you for all you share with your audience from enchanting artwork to your personal accomplishments. It’s all such a treat!

  142. Courtney kanewischer /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    Too much to choose from… After spending a few hours browsing, I’m sure I could make up my mind to spend that $100!!

  143. Diana /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:14am

    You got me painting again, love your blog! And who doesn’t love shopping ๐Ÿ™‚

  144. barba /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:15am

    Oh My! I could handle this win!

  145. Camilla /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:15am

    Oooh! So many choices!! Fingers crossed ๐Ÿ˜‰

  146. Yuliya Torabi /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:16am

    I’m a photographer and always looking for inspiration & work with new people. ๐Ÿ™‚ I would love to collaborate with u when u have time in ur schedule ๐Ÿ™‚
    U blog is stunning & I will be happy have a chance to try my luck and win ur give away ๐Ÿ™‚
    Good luck to everyone there from Yuliya T. Digital Photography

  147. Erin Miles /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:16am

    Such an inspiration!

  148. Caitlin /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:16am

    Yes, puhlease.

  149. Trinaa /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:16am

    hopefully I can win this!

    and please buy yourself something nice! the leather tote looks great!

  150. Rachel England /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:19am

    I would love to win this! Please enter me for submission ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you!

  151. Katie Shanks /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:20am

    Hmmmmmm, art or beautifully crafted objects? Decisions are hard.

    Keep curating beautiful things.

  152. alyson /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:20am

    I love that leather bag! I just want to crawl inside it and take a nap. Love your blog, and thanks for introducing me to great.ly!

  153. Rachel /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:21am

    Ooohhh…I’d like all of that stuff, too! Great style eye you’ve got, lady. ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. KAS /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:22am

    You inspire me!

  155. kara /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:22am

    not to butter you up, but you curate the loveliest and most interesting things. thank you!

  156. Susan /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:25am

    Such wonderful things, I love your blog. Please toss me in the mix too! Maybe Monday will be my lucky day. Good luck to everyone!

  157. YUHIL! /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:25am

    Ooohhh. Me! Me! ๐Ÿ˜€

  158. MM /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:25am

    Thanks for sharing the great.ly website. Please enter me in the contest.

  159. rania /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:26am

    ooh, so very exciting! <3

  160. Jolanda /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:26am

    Thanks for inspiring me Jealous Curator! I <3 it! So if I win, I Will look for Jealous making art! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  161. Ileana F /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:27am

    You have a great traste I Love your page!

  162. Sarah /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:27am

    What I love most about your blog is that you turn what could be a creative block (envy) into inspiration.

  163. Helen /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:28am

    Me please!!!!!

  164. Piia /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:29am

    It would be so exciting to get something pretty for our house that we almost done building ๐Ÿ™‚ Your blog is beautiful but oh so dangerous!

  165. tricia Robinson /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:30am

    I’d like to enter (: love from Montreal, Quebec!

  166. hilary mcvicker /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:30am

    ooooh, pick me, pick me!!! thanks for all the lovely images…

  167. Jenny /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:31am

    It’s my birthday next week! Please oh please!

  168. Katie gilmour /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:31am

    I love all of your choices! You have great taste.

  169. Danielle /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:34am

    This gal needs some more art on her walls. Fingers crossed!

  170. Meliss /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:35am


  171. Jasmine /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:36am

    I love this! Please enter my name!!! These are amazing!

  172. michael joyal /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:37am

    Oh oh!!! Me me me!! May I please enter the draw for the gift card.

    Thank you!

  173. Diane Ryan /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:38am

    I just love the work of Lisa Golightly… fingers crossed!

  174. Heather /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:41am

    Please enter my name for the gift card. So many wonderful things!!!

  175. Tiffany /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:41am

    Awesome! Would love to sport those earrings around town!

  176. Anne Marie /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:42am

    love all of these!

  177. Momo /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:42am

    That bag!! <3

  178. bhardt /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:43am

    Oh, all so lovely. And I am addicted to your site.

  179. Amber Martin /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:43am

    Eeek, fingers crossed!!!

  180. monika /// 08.08.2014 /// 8:45am

    okay let me try :3

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    Thank you again for this opportunity from all of my heart.
    *fingers crossed*

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    Any $ spent in the creative community is always money well spent.

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    I own your book, follow your blog and drool over GREAT.LY Thank you for the inspiration.
    It would be wonderful to win this gift card because I could use a little pick-me-up!

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    I love your taste in art, it’s similar to mine..
    Modern, pretty, vibrant, and fun.
    Lots o’ pink and pastel tones!!!
    Life should always be filled with sparkles and colors:)

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    posting a comment bc art is cool + i need some
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    keep up the greatness,

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    love your site & fresh take…


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    Pick me! Pick me! I love reading your blog, by the way.

  364. Nicole /// 08.08.2014 /// 3:26pm

    Congrats on the team win!! You turned me onto Lisa Golightly back in December and I now have her print “At Dusk” hanging in my bedroom and I swoon at it every night. If I won that gift card, I would definitely pick up The Grid, The Trellis/pink orange flowers print for above my record player.

  365. Andrea /// 08.08.2014 /// 3:29pm

    Beautiful stuff there! Would love a chance to shop!

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    I enjoy the contemporary works you choose to share with us readers. I don’t always see what you see in it, but I’m always glad to have the chance to view it. Thanks for your hard work!

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    Oh, and the bookendsโ€ฆ..Cool !

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    There are plenty of works up here that I would love to own!

  382. Hanrie /// 08.08.2014 /// 4:52pm

    Good luck choosing a single name out of your arsenal of fans!

  383. Katherine Horst /// 08.08.2014 /// 4:57pm

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    Dear Jealous Curator. I love your blog, and your daily inspirations, your tastes, and selections. I promise to cherish this beautiful, and precious object that I will acquire with this much appreciated certificate, and will do so until my life ends. I assure you that, one day, I will pass the object of my affection on to my kids, who will too pass it on to there own kids. And so on. Amen.

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    Fingers crossed!

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  401. Jennifer Moore /// 08.08.2014 /// 6:51pm

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    We agree.

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    You Fill my days with inspiration.
    Thank you Jealous Curator

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    Wish you the best

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  427. Heather B /// 08.08.2014 /// 11:12pm

    So generous of you to give away your gift card and allow one of your many admirers to use it to support other artists! Your site is fantastic, and so is your book Creative Block, I just started reading it when I got it for my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ *fingers crossed*

  428. Ayesha Aggarwal /// 08.08.2014 /// 11:18pm

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    Good luck picking someone out…all the comments are wonderfull!

    Greetings Jojanneke

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  432. Carla S /// 08.09.2014 /// 12:35am

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  433. Grace Gummer /// 08.09.2014 /// 12:51am

    I’m currently studying graphic arts and design in Leeds mainly working with collage and as an artist this page is a great sorce of inspiration and motivation, the work on here is exciting, beautiful and new and it’s exactly the kind of work I want to be creating and selling in the years to come! It would be amazing if I could afford to buy even a few things on here!
    Fingers crossed!

  434. Isabel /// 08.09.2014 /// 1:14am

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    Love your blog!

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    Always lovely to have some beautifully crafted inspiration around to fuel my own creativity throughout the day
    Thanks for sharing the love <3

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    First of all – I love that blog! Great place for discovering hidden art gems. Just adore it!
    And yes, I would like to win and buy something gorgeous via GREAT.LY, I really do :).

  456. Lori /// 08.09.2014 /// 7:11am

    I am prepared to spend this gift card….it might take me a while to decide but I am up to the challenge!

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    also yay for giveaways!!!

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    Thank you for your generosity!

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  466. Stella /// 08.09.2014 /// 9:22am

    be your name Buxbaum or Boxby or Pray
    or Mordecai Ali Van Allen O’Shea,
    you’re off to Great Places!
    Today is your day!
    Your mountain is waiting.
    So…get on your way!


  467. Tazmen /// 08.09.2014 /// 9:32am

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  468. Moira Alfers /// 08.09.2014 /// 9:41am

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    (I love that leather tote)

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  499. M. Lunsford /// 08.09.2014 /// 6:55pm

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  501. Fiona /// 08.09.2014 /// 6:57pm

    I came across your site the other day and after reading your tag line, realized I too, am a jealous curator! “Art is the proper task of life.”

  502. Cait /// 08.09.2014 /// 7:10pm

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    I’m a huge fan of your site, Facebook and the awesome curated collections for fictional characters!!! I’ve also read the book cover to cover now…and I’m making my friends read it–SO inspirational! Cool contest…I’ve just discovered GREATLY. Brilliant! Must get those fox bookends for my BFF.

  517. Claudia Carballo /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:49am

    And the price goes to Claudia! ๐Ÿ™‚ Would be cool. Never won anything in my whole life so just stopped trying for a while..but this time, man! I thought I would give it a go.

  518. Ruth Hiller /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:56am

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    Love all your picks!

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  529. Frida /// 08.10.2014 /// 11:03am

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  535. Toni Loftus /// 08.10.2014 /// 2:09pm

    My shelf is crying out for those adorable fox book ends! Just the perfect thing to keep my photography and typography books in one place!

    fingers crossed – thanks for the giveaway!

  536. danielle @ this picture book life /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:15pm

    Great gift indeed!

  537. Anna /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:23pm

    I would like to be considered for the gift card!

    This is one of my favorite blogs that I often look to for inspirationโ€ฆwhether its for my own work or my college graphic design projects!!

  538. Alison /// 08.10.2014 /// 3:55pm

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  539. Kimberly /// 08.10.2014 /// 4:46pm

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  544. Alea /// 08.10.2014 /// 5:54pm

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  545. Nicole Chilton /// 08.10.2014 /// 6:07pm

    I have been swooning over Golightly’s work since you first posted about her. So in love. Thank you for the inspiration!

  546. Cruz /// 08.10.2014 /// 6:12pm

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  547. Jessica /// 08.10.2014 /// 6:55pm

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  548. chelsea /// 08.10.2014 /// 10:35pm

    Hello. Am I too late? I’m hoping because I’m in Australia that it is not yet 9am your time… Well I had to try! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway. I love your blog. Thank you for all your beautiful collections!! X

  549. susan /// 08.10.2014 /// 11:49pm

    maybe you are like the rest of us…….jealous of all of these LOVELY works……. you’re REAL, just like me!!! Actually, you create inspiration in what you present—- it’s the PRESENT we’ll be jealous of
    not winning!!! i wanted to tell you i’d send you my best shot of the giant moon tonight—and it was all cloudy and rainy ……. so i hope i didn’t miss the moon AND a chance to win ๐Ÿ™ Thanks for the introduction to so many lovely artists i would have never otherwise had the opportunity to been exposed to and inspired by——Thank you for your lovely resources and YOU !

  550. Vanessa /// 08.10.2014 /// 11:58pm

    Your blog is truly inspiring, as a designer and artist I always aim to be as good as the work you post. xo

  551. Chelsea H. /// 08.11.2014 /// 4:40am

    What an awesome way to start a Monday! Keeping my fingers crossed.

  552. Katrin /// 08.11.2014 /// 4:53am

    my new home could definitely use a bit of curating! Love your picks and the blog!

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  554. Elena P. /// 08.11.2014 /// 6:19am

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  555. S /// 08.11.2014 /// 6:28am

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  556. Eileen /// 08.11.2014 /// 6:35am

    I start my morning every morning on your blog. It reminds me to see the beauty everyday. Love your book also. I too rarely buy myself anything so I would love to. I am turning 50 in 3 weeks and could use a little something to commemorate the year.

  557. Mallory /// 08.11.2014 /// 7:16am

    OoOoOo, there are so many wonderful things….how could I ever choose?

  558. Anne /// 08.11.2014 /// 7:23am

    Ooh! Squirrels and dessert!

  559. Indigo /// 04.14.2015 /// 11:01am

    If i won i could definitely see myself spending this on art within about 15 seconds of having it