crystal liu

I wrote about Canadian, now Bay area based, artist Crystal Liu just over four years ago. We just recently reconnected through email, and boy am I happy that we did because I got a peek at these beauties {not even titled yet, nor on her site… lucky us!}. Beautifully drawn flowers, sitting on inky backgrounds, with what I like to imagine are magical gold seedpods falling from the sky. Sigh. I could look at them for hours.

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  1. Dawn Pearcey /// 08.11.2014 /// 7:06am

    I’m so drawn to black and white lately, and these are luxe! They are crisp and velvet at the same time. Love their elegance.

  2. Nicole V /// 08.11.2014 /// 7:11am

    Black and white and grey is everything for me right now. But those little gold highlights bring warmth to my heart. <3

  3. Susan Driscoll /// 08.11.2014 /// 8:00am

    Really Stunning!!

  4. maggie /// 08.11.2014 /// 8:06am

    i want these for my bedroom.

  5. Maggie /// 08.11.2014 /// 10:46am

    Love, love, love these! But then I just posted on our blog how I am loving neutrals + metallics.

  6. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.11.2014 /// 11:34am

    ha! yes, maggie… these are kind of a perfect match with that post! still gotta get myself some “liz”s 😉

  7. Darlene /// 08.12.2014 /// 5:28am


  8. Kelsey Lynore /// 08.14.2014 /// 4:39pm

    Elegant, tight, and clean. These are exceptional. <3

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