mollie douthit

The earrings, no, the matches… I even love that old bandaid. Ok, there is no possible way for me to choose a favorite. They are all so quiet. So simple. So, so good. This is the work of Mollie Douthit, an American artist who studied {MFA Burren College of Art}, and now lives, in Ireland. I wish I was going to be here in January because she has a show opening at Ashford gallery space at the RHA, Dublin. If you’re in Dublin, please go and then tell me all about it!

ps. So crazy. I wrote this post before I came to Ireland (I’m super organized like that), and last night I was in a little pub in Dublin to meet up with the amazing team from Saatchi Art that are here for Web Summit as well. I was telling them about Mollie and this lovely work, and they said… “Oh, that’s her right there!” What?! Yes. We sat and had a drink together, and it’s safe to say that she’s just as lovely as her work! … what a crazy small world.

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  1. Heidi Shedlock /// 11.05.2014 /// 6:06am

    LOVE her work!!!! Thanks for sharing…!

  2. Sharmon Davidson /// 11.05.2014 /// 6:10am

    What a coincidence! The match paintings are my favorites – just so cool!

  3. Traci /// 11.05.2014 /// 9:06am

    I just found your website through your interview with Lisa Congdon. I love this concept, and you have a wonderful eye for beautiful work! The earrings are my favorite, here. :]

  4. GregoryWest /// 11.05.2014 /// 9:16am

    Beautiful work, love it.

  5. Emma Ladyland /// 11.05.2014 /// 9:17am

    I love these paintings! There’s something so reassuring about finding beauty in everyday objects.

  6. Dawn Pearcey /// 11.05.2014 /// 9:38am

    I loved reading her artist statement after seeing these beautiful paintings! So perfect.

  7. Delphine /// 11.05.2014 /// 10:10am

    Wow, these are great!

  8. Margo /// 11.05.2014 /// 10:11pm

    Beautiful work, makes me wish i could paint..

  9. Audrey Knutson /// 11.06.2014 /// 4:52am

    Stunning work Molly!!!!!!

  10. Patrice A. /// 11.11.2014 /// 2:27am

    i am in LOVE….

  11. MaryAnn /// 01.28.2015 /// 3:27pm

    I have her painting Snowmaid and it is an oasis to come home to after a noisy day. A beautiful talent.