lola donoghue

Oh, I am very excited about this! I LOVE Lola Donoghue’s large-scale abstract paintings, and because I’m in Ireland this week I get to meet her! I wish there was time to visit her inspiring, airy, sunlit-filled studio that overlooks the lovely Irish countryside, but a coffee in a cute cafe will have to do… just happy to meet her in person! Do you think I could sneak one of her giant paintings home in my suitcase? Oh, you better believe I’m gonna try!

ps. I have several of Lola’s pieces available as large-scale prints in my online gallery… 36″x36″ and 30″x40″ priced at $200

comments (14)

  1. Laura dunn /// 11.04.2014 /// 5:58am

    I wonder if she has a separate workshop to build those big canvases?

  2. Rita DiCello /// 11.04.2014 /// 6:54am

    In one of the photos she is using some sort of color stick. What medium is that? Chalk? Oil? What is the brand?

  3. Brandi Downham /// 11.04.2014 /// 7:28am

    Yes, I’m interested to know what medium the stick is, as well.

  4. Elissa S Nesheim /// 11.04.2014 /// 8:34am

    love love love Lola’s work! And these gorgeous pictures of her studio are so nice to see as well. It is always so great to see an artists space. I love her whimsical palette and large scale. 🙂 Thank you!

  5. Cynthea /// 11.04.2014 /// 9:57am

    It looks like Oilbar.

  6. the jealous curator /// 11.04.2014 /// 3:02pm

    i think you might be right cynthea… lola, if you read this, let us know!

  7. Sally /// 11.05.2014 /// 8:09am

    Ooooh I absolutely adore her work! Stunning stuff!

  8. Rendell Hourigan /// 11.06.2014 /// 7:32am

    Danielle, I am smitten with Lola’s work. Thank you for bringing her to us! Wow!

  9. Bethany /// 11.06.2014 /// 6:52pm

    Beautiful! Are these oil paints? Did she talk with you about her process at all? I’d love to learn about how she comes up with these paintings. Thanks for sharing!

  10. the jealous curator /// 11.07.2014 /// 12:40am

    i had dinner with her last night! she’s so amazing… lovely, elegant, so so nice! we didn’t talk about how she comes up with them, but i do know that she’s got about 10 or 15 going at all times! she just moves from one to the next, back & forth, in a gorgeous light filled space in the countryside (it sounds pretty perfect!)

  11. Kelsey Lynore /// 11.07.2014 /// 7:29pm

    Early Rothko and Cy Twombley-esque. Swoon. I can’t get enough of stuff like this at the moment. It would be really cool to do an expressionistic Tarot deck, like intuitive mood cards.

  12. elizoebeth jensen /// 03.23.2015 /// 7:38am

    Beautiful! Thank you for featuring her work, just love it.

  13. laura /// 06.18.2015 /// 6:44am

    Hi, the color stick is oil bar, sure. I use them sometimes.

  14. isabelle /// 07.11.2017 /// 10:21pm

    Thank you for responding about Olibar( sticks) I was also wondering…I might get some. a bit expensive… unless I sell a painting! lol check my website!
    Just looking at these photos I want to paint big paintings! and let blossoming vivid colors ‘s voices..
    Thank you –

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