kim largey

Colorful explosions of paint/ink, and totally controlled graphite living in perfect harmony. Sigh. This is the beautifully composed mixed media work of American artist Kim Largey … she also does some really cool abstract sculpture, but for me, it was all about those very orderly fences holding back that clearly out of control paint. Love.

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  1. Charles /// 12.11.2014 /// 10:14am

    Here’s an artist whose work will be right up your alley: Karin Olah. She uses fabric collage as paint, basically–and then adds paint to that. The effect is beautiful. See her seascapes here:!landsea/cyuu. She also does florals and abstracts. I’ve been inspired by her work ever since seeing an exhibit years ago.

    Love your site, and I’m eager to read your books. Thanks!

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.11.2014 /// 1:27pm

    ooh! good one charles! thank you : )

  3. anita lord /// 12.11.2014 /// 2:52pm

    Hi, I’m not very good at recommending myself… however i love following your site, so inspirational, would loove to be on it! I’m a printmaker and am deeply immersed in pictorial collage at the moment.

  4. Jolly de Guzman /// 12.11.2014 /// 11:17pm

    I am just in awe. Simply amazing. It’s like an orderly chaos.

  5. Skevoulla Gordon /// 12.12.2014 /// 4:24am

    Wow! Those colours combined with the composition! Gorgeous!

  6. charlotte /// 12.12.2014 /// 6:11pm

    I love this mix of crazy colour and ordered graphic lines, such a great effect!

  7. Lee @ Modern Granola /// 12.14.2014 /// 1:20pm

    Ooh good one. This is very cool.

  8. Dom /// 01.05.2015 /// 2:45am

    So brilliant! I love this so much. Thanks for sharing. đŸ™‚