vincent serritella (52 pickup project)

I wrote about San Francisco based artist Vincent Serritella in April of 2013. He was giving away a free drawing every day {?!} and I was dead set on getting one of his blow-pops… and I did! That’s mine right up there! Anywho, he finished that 365 project and has moved on to a new series titled “52 Pickup” {he’s making a free piece of art to be “picked up” once a week, every week for “52 weeks”… clever, yes?} Here’s his description of the project, and how it works:

“As mega corporations continue to grow, it’s proving harder and harder for unique small businesses to survive. With that in mind, this time around I’d like to use my art, the web, and social media as conduits to help support small businesses. How it works: I do an original drawing once a week for a full year and send it to a business (either within the US or internationally). I’ll then publish a post on my Medium account with the business’ address and a little information about what they do and why I chose them. Whoever is following the project in that town and goes to that business in person to pick it up can have it for FREE! In return, I only ask that you support that business in some way and post about it online to help spread awareness.” ~ Vincent Seritella

An amazing artist, and a ridiculously kind/giving guy! Just follow along on his Facebook page to see where the newest FREE piece can be picked up. I wonder if there’ll be another blow-pop? I’d go just about anywhere for another one those!

comments (6)

  1. Jessica /// 12.16.2014 /// 8:25am

    I”m so happy he’s doing this! I was lucky enough to win one of Vincent’s free drawings last year and am totally in awe of what an excellent person he is. Yay! xo

  2. Vincent /// 12.16.2014 /// 11:22am

    Thank you Jessica and TheJealousCurator for your kind words! It was a very rewarding project. I’m not sure any amount of money in the would could have bought the messages people sent me all over the world. It was extremely humbling. Thanks for being part of that.

  3. Rachaeldaisy /// 12.16.2014 /// 11:46am

    These are awesome, I paticularly love the mirror ball!

  4. the jealous curator /// 12.16.2014 /// 11:53am

    me too! … and my blowpop of course 😉

  5. Nadine Orlie Abensur /// 12.16.2014 /// 8:25pm

    What a lovely thing to do!

  6. Elissa S Nesheim /// 12.17.2014 /// 7:50am

    LOVE these so so much! I love his give-away/share-away ideas. So amazing! The blow pop is swell. The crayons are my absolute fav. Yay for more and more and more new artists. Thank you!

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