bedford show … a recap

Ok, this might be the longest post ever, but this show is just so gorgeous, I had to show you everything! I was thrilled when the Bedford Gallery asked me to curate a show in their lovely space… and after almost a year of planning, it finally opened on December 7th! The Bedford gave me carte blanche, so I decided to bring my book, Creative Block, to life! We have work from 20 of the 50 artists, unblocking stations set up so that people can try a few exercises from the book, and some of my most favorite pull-quotes are on the wall in vinyl lettering. Have a look, and I’ll see you at the bottom of this gigantic recap…

Ahhhh! So exciting! Six of the artists came to the opening from as far as Chicago and New York… it was an amazing night! So many friends, collectors, art enthusiasts, kids, and even a chihuahua {sorry, no photo of him!}. The days following the opening were action packed too. I did an indepth walkthrough with the 60+ docents that volunteer at the gallery {so many amazing people!}, and artist Trey Speegle was still in town so he stopped by to chat about his work, the book, etc. I also went to a sound studio and recorded the voiceover for the show! You know when you can rent the headset at a gallery to get the details on each piece… yep, I got to record that! Later that night we had Q&A event at the gallery… it was a packed house!

And finally,Β the badges. I designed these as section headers in the creative talk that I give, and so when Carrie Lederer, the gallery director, asked if I wanted to make anything for their gift shop I said, “YES. Actual, embroidered creative scout badges!” and she made it happen! Originally they were only available at the Bedford, but, I’ve arranged to have them in my online gallery tooΒ {$17.50 for the set}, so now anyone anywhere in the world can have them! They’re the merit badges you earn as a creative person. None of us are alone when it comes to asshole-ish inner critics, or being burnt by criticism, or the fact that we love making stuff. We’re all in one giant, supportive, amazing creative club… so put those badges on, and wear them with pride!

Well, there you have it. The show is still up until February 1, so if you find yourself in the Bay Area over the next couple of months you should totally go! Thanks again to the Bedford… Carrie, Eric, Christine… you guys are amazing, and I loved every second of my time with you! xo

ps. Thanks to WCTV for doing this interview/peek inside the show with me!

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  1. Jessica /// 12.17.2014 /// 9:21am

    AMAZING!!! I wish I could see the show in person but I very much appreciate the walk-through you just gave. So happy and excited for you. Very excellent job well done! I’m off to buy my badges. xoxo

  2. Carrie Lederer /// 12.17.2014 /// 9:48am

    It was so much fun and a real honor to work with The Jealous Curator! The Bedford Gallery exhibition is spectacular, the 101 Blogging program sold out, school kids have been in the gallery every morning for our docent tours, and the press has been fantastic. Congratulations on an awesome project!!
    Big hugs from the Bg team, and come visit us again!

  3. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2014 /// 9:52am

    yay!!! i wish i could have stayed there the entire time the show was up… you did a beautiful job installing it… it truly felt like standing in the middle of my book! xo

  4. trish /// 12.17.2014 /// 11:15am

    Thanks for all the photos…now I am even more tempted to book a flight to see the show.

  5. brandi marie /// 12.17.2014 /// 1:58pm

    I love it all!! Congrats, Danielle! And yeah, I’m gonna need some of those badges.

  6. Frances Marin /// 12.17.2014 /// 2:31pm

    Fantastic show! Some favorite artists are seen here. Love the badges!

  7. the jealous curator /// 12.17.2014 /// 2:42pm

    Thanks everyone! I am very proud of this show… so much talent under one beautiful roof!

  8. Sarah Jones /// 12.18.2014 /// 6:41am

    This is so cool! Wish I had been there. I want all of this art on my walls!

  9. Suzanne /// 12.18.2014 /// 12:28pm

    This is great! Well done, everyone. Love the creativity here from all angles, plus the fact that it’s a show whose audience includes artists (and others) and invites it into workshop-style action.

  10. Shauna Reid /// 12.18.2014 /// 8:36pm

    Looks amazing! How exciting for you and everyone involved. I will definitely need a set of those badges. I would love to own the waterskiing pink tutu, as well. I imagine that is exactly what I look like when I waterski.

  11. Lori /// 12.20.2014 /// 8:16am

    Wow! What a fantastic show! You had soooooo many of my art heroes in there. I wish I could have gone.

  12. the jealous curator /// 12.20.2014 /// 4:12pm

    yes lori… you would love this show! right up your alley πŸ™‚

  13. Jan Weiss /// 12.29.2014 /// 1:11pm

    Congrats! I haven’t made it to the show yet but I live 15 minutes form there so it’s on my list. What an incredible group of talent.

  14. Sylvie Lee /// 03.26.2015 /// 10:08pm

    HOW DID I MISS THIS??? Dang it, so much amazing work by several artists that I’ve been super inspired by lately. And I live in WC too! Photos look wonderful, just super bummed I missed it in person. Oh well, next time. Well done!

  15. the jealous curator /// 03.27.2015 /// 6:42am

    oh! too bad sylvie!

  16. Amy Maricle /// 01.29.2016 /// 4:47am

    That piece by Jenny Hart is amazing. What a wonderful show, FULL of amazing pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Frank Lopez-Motnyk /// 11.26.2016 /// 2:10pm

    I just came across your blog-site but was a local patron of your gallery for many years. Although the work you exhibit is of the highest quality, I’ve also sensed that most of the work lacks courage. There seems to be an aknowledgement of “community” that seemingly is “whole” rather than individual observance of a society that is out of control. If art is truly the “eyes and ears” of society we sorely lack that vision and allowed art to be cultural “currency” If the “ears” of the black community can make us aware that all is not right in their community and are able to express it through the form of music, I’m curious why we are not curating more with a sense of exposure

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