chad wys


American artist Chad Wys is known for dipping and defacing found landscapes/portraits {I wrote about him in 2010}, but I just came across his elegant series titled “Arrangement in Skintones”… perfect dots and soft portraits from days gone by. Yep, it’s safe to say that the art history lover and the graphic designer in me are equally smitten ♥

comments (7)

  1. Cathy /// 01.05.2015 /// 9:50am

    I wish I thought of this too! Very cool. Would love to know the process.

  2. Fer Scarlato /// 01.05.2015 /// 11:04am

    “Elegant” really is the right word to describe this great pieces. They have a kind of hypnotic feel too.

  3. Anna /// 01.05.2015 /// 2:22pm

    Beautiful and mysterious and yes…..elegant.

  4. Chad Wys /// 01.05.2015 /// 5:14pm

    Thank you. Truth be told, I think this is personally my favorite batch. Glad you like it.

  5. the jealous curator /// 01.05.2015 /// 6:46pm

    hey chad! glad you saw the post… and yes, i think this might be my favorite batch too (although it’s a pretty tight race!)

  6. tami /// 01.20.2015 /// 4:21am

    these look like some work that has graced some book covers… do you know if this is the same artist?

  7. the jealous curator /// 01.20.2015 /// 11:01am

    probably – i know the final piece in this post is going to be a book cover in the next year or so : )

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