brenda cablayan


Ahhh, Hawaii. I wrote about Honolulu based artist Brenda Cablayan when I was here just over a year ago, and she seemed like the perfect painter to kick off my week in Maui. Her everyday scenes of local life make me want to turn my vacation into something a little more permanent… you know, something along the lines of moving into in a little pink house, just down a sun-drenched lane from the beach. Sigh.

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  1. maggie /// 01.19.2015 /// 3:07pm

    I forgot you were in Hawaii! I hope you are having a fabulous time. These coastal paintings are dreaaammy.


  2. Florence /// 01.20.2015 /// 2:23am

    Beautiful x

  3. ren /// 01.20.2015 /// 4:09am

    These views of Hawai’i are better than any photos I have ever seen!
    Just love the intensity of color and the almost-but-not-quite photorealism going on.

  4. ren /// 01.20.2015 /// 4:10am

    Oh, ps: What size are they?

  5. Marcelo /// 01.30.2015 /// 7:36pm

    Congratulations! Your style remember me Edward Hopper, but very best! Cheers

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