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I have loved the watercolor work of Hawaii-born artist Kiana Mosley for quite awhile, so clearly it only makes sense that I stalk her, I mean follow her, on instagram… she has so much amazing work there! Kiana calls them “studies”, I call them “gah, where can I get this!?” She has always been a master of florals, but she’s recently been playing around with sake cups/vessels and I love them so much. In fact, I’ve even convinced her to sell a few of these {and a couple more} in my gallery! YAY! I think that calls for a pina colada by the pool … I’ll ask them to put it in a sake cup. And so, until tomorrow,


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  1. Lee @ Modern Granola /// 01.20.2015 /// 11:06am

    So pretty! Oh, I just love this!

  2. katie gilmour /// 01.20.2015 /// 12:27pm

    I LOVE the whit sake bottle surrounded by flowers. It is simply fantastic.

  3. GregoryWest /// 01.21.2015 /// 12:10am

    so beautiful

  4. Frances Marin /// 01.21.2015 /// 8:39am

    Yes, Kiana! Those midnight blues, violets and greens!

  5. janet hulme /// 01.22.2015 /// 2:13am

    These are just mesmerising, I love the gentle colour transitions in each silhouette

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  7. laura redburn /// 01.23.2015 /// 2:40pm

    so much love for these, but i especially love that first one!

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